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Singing of the National anthem

9:37 am EDT, Apr 8, 2015

West coast sunrise

9:18 am EDT, Apr 8, 2015

Getting down to business on Clear Lake

9:14 am EDT, Apr 8, 2015

While the Elite guys are still pretending we are getting down to serious competition on Clear Lake at the Old Milwaukee B.A.S.S. Nation Western Divisional.

Getting ready for B.A.S.S. Nation

9:12 am EDT, Apr 8, 2015

Jon Stewart goes over the rules for the nation event this week.

A California toad

7:40 pm EDT, Apr 7, 2015

A good practice

7:38 pm EDT, Apr 7, 2015

Worth the drive!

7:33 pm EDT, Apr 7, 2015

After driving 21 hours, the trailer hub / bearings / spindle catching on fire, blown tire and almost running out of gas, Larry Triplett from CO B.A.S.S Nation turns his luck around with this nice big bass.

Practice day fish

7:30 pm EDT, Apr 7, 2015

Matt Peters from New Mexico poses with a practice day fish.

Snow? Cold California

4:07 pm EDT, Apr 7, 2015

Bbrrrr!  Connor Santos can't believe the cold and wet weather! He and several other Colorado B.A.S.S. Nation  members had to make a special trip to store for socks and boots! Derek Phillips and Connor Santos commented after getting a few snow flakes, "This looks like home but not as rugged as Pikes Peak."

What drought?

3:56 pm EDT, Apr 7, 2015

California drought? Want rain? Invite Colorado B.A.S.S. Nation to go fishing! Chris Rockwell has a "discussion" with the "rain gods" as Rob Satterwhite prays he can keep smart phone dry capturing this moment.