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Let's get it started

3:32 pm EDT, Jun 5, 2014

Day 2 weigh-in festivities are about to begin!

The gorilla is off the boat

3:24 pm EDT, Jun 5, 2014

As G-Man would say, the gorilla is off the boat! The Arkansas boys have a limit.

Malone lands a nice one

1:18 pm EDT, Jun 5, 2014
| By Greg Huff

Brent Malone (boater, OK) shows off the kind of fish that can and will be caught at Lake Eufaula, Okla., during the B.A.S.S. Nation Central Divisional. Photo submitted by Mike Myers.

Broken trolling motor brings back Branine, Boswell

12:08 pm EDT, Jun 5, 2014
| By Greg Huff

Kansas B.A.S.S. Nation angler Beau Branine and his Day 2 co-angler Mark Boswell, of Nebraska, try to diagnose the problem that caused Branine’s trolling motor to quit working at about 10 a.m. today.


After conferring with Branine’s dad, David, who got on the phone and started trying to track down a replacement part, motor or boat, they pulled away from the dock at about 10:45, hoping to find some fish holding banks they could reach, drifting with the wind, until a better option becomes available.


Branine started Day 2 in 79th place; Boswell in 66th.

Nice pair of Oklahoma bass

11:10 am EDT, Jun 5, 2014

Dixon and Penning head out onto Eufaula

11:09 am EDT, Jun 5, 2014

Landon Dixon, Bassmaster College Classic champ (co-angler, OK) heads out for Day 2 with his boater, Brian Penning (KS), in hopes he can qualify to compete at Nationals to make it back to the Bassmaster Classic. Photo by Mike Myers.

Middleton and Carter idle to takeoff

11:02 am EDT, Jun 5, 2014

A B.A.S.S. official check for operational livewells as Day 1 Carhartt Big Bass leader Bo Middleton (boater, OK) and Bruce Carter (co-angler, TX) head out on Day 2. Photo by Mike Myers.

Team Louisiana is on the board

10:58 am EDT, Jun 5, 2014

Fourth place angler temporarily sidelined at launch

10:43 am EDT, Jun 5, 2014
| By Greg Huff

Missouri angler Mick Maples (pictured), who entered Day 2 in fourth place, was sidelined for about 32 minutes before launching this morning, due to an inoperable navigation light on the boat he drew to fish out of today. For safety reasons, B.A.S.S. rules do not allow a boat to launch if everything is not in working order. 


Arkansas B.A.S.S. Nation State President Jim Alexander and Arkansas team alternate Randy McKee saved the day, bringing a light from a spare boat parked at their motel. 


Maples and his Day 2 partner, Mississippi angler Bobby Foskey, were 16th in this morning's launch schedule, which would have had them up and running at about 6:16 a.m.

Nation anglers ready for Day 2 on Eufaula

9:58 am EDT, Jun 5, 2014

Brannon Long (boater, TX) and Brandon Pedigo (co-angler, OK) listen to instructions from B.A.S.S. officials as they pass check-in to begin Day 2. Photo by Mike Myers.