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Sayles with one in the box

10:08 am EDT, Apr 10, 2015

Oregon state team at Clear Lake

9:35 am EDT, Apr 10, 2015

Birthday tradition

9:09 am EDT, Apr 10, 2015

Connor Santos thought he escaped the traditional "face" cupcake at Western Divisional but he got a "taste" at the team dinner.  Happy Birthday Connor from CO BASS Nation.

High school anglers represent!

5:26 pm EDT, Apr 9, 2015

High school Nation angler Logan Degree shows off a nice bass at Clear Lake.

School has started!

4:25 pm EDT, Apr 9, 2015

Chris Rockwell from Colorado B.A.S.S. Nation landed this big fish - close to 4-11 -  in a school of fish.  Colorado is working to "Get r done"! Go Colorado!

Setup and ready to go

4:20 pm EDT, Apr 9, 2015

Since we are all setup and ready for our weigh-in, we are watching the Elite weigh-in while we wait for our anglers to come in. In photo: Alan Pierce, Jon Stewart, Craig Lamb and Ramon Quick. 

Meanwhile, over at Guntersville...

4:19 pm EDT, Apr 9, 2015

My Bassmaster.com colleagues are intrigued and blogging over by the possibility of someone catching a 30-pound bag at the Bassmaster Elite Series event. 


What about here? Been there and done it. The Chief (aka Mark Torrez) weighed a 30-pound sack with nearly 60 pounds caught from the same boat. He and partner Kory Ray needed 10 bags to carry the fish to the scales (well, it’s the law here in Cali).


Yesterday the early appearance of sunshine was the curse. Everyone is targeting the big females staging outside the spawning coves. Today the sun didn’t appear until 10:30 a.m. That’s about 2 hours later than yesterday. 


So I’m making a prediction. The warming trend and later appearance of the sun will set the stage for at least one, maybe more, bags weighing 30 pounds. 


That is from Clear Lake in California. 

Biting for Batey

4:19 pm EDT, Apr 9, 2015

Gene Batey of Washington boats an 8-pounder!

Oregon state team at Clear Lake

1:15 pm EDT, Apr 9, 2015

Kevin Ford showing off his catches

Idaho High School so far

12:24 pm EDT, Apr 9, 2015

Jon Hickey and Brandon Kropp two fish so far.