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Rodriguez, Proctor with limits

12:57 pm EST, Nov 6, 2015

The two anglers are sharing water, and both are looking to cull up, even though both have competitive weights. The bite turned on and each caught their fish in a short period of time on a single piece of structure--Rodriguez shared his spot and pattern with Proctor, which is a very cool story that will be shared in full in the very near future.


The water is slowly flowing out of "Boggy," and the pressing weather front seems to have the shad really riled up. Expect to see lots of limits against today.

Fishing v. wrestling

11:41 am EST, Nov 6, 2015

Iowa angler Greg Vance had a tough decision to make when opting to come to the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship on the Ouachita River out of Monroe, La., this week.


Thankfully, when he decided to skip his first wrestling match of the season Saturday, his coach at Loras College in Iowa was OK with his decision. "I never thought this would happen," Vance said about qualifying for the BNC.


Vance has been fishing competitively for about six years, and he's grateful that his wrestling coach supports his passion. Vance said he wants to pursue fishing professionally and is studying marketing and business management at school.

Two BNC anglers expecting more than trophies

10:48 am EST, Nov 6, 2015

Besides fishing for a berth in the 2016 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by GoPro, Preston Frazell of Kansas (pictured above at Wednesday's banquet) and Roger Thomas of North Carolina have another important thing in common — their wives are both expecting soon.


Frazell's wife, Kelli, is due on Dec. 17, and they're having a boy who they plan to name Fisher. This is Frazell's third B.A.S.S. Nation Championship, and he said he's often gone fishing, so his wife is OK with him being away right now.


Thomas' wife is due in a matter of weeks — on Nov. 23 — he told B.A.S.S. Nation Director Jon Stewart during the weigh-in Thursday. "I want to tell her thank you for letting me come," Thomas said.

Roger Thomas

Laiche in the skinny water

10:45 am EST, Nov 6, 2015

Day 1 leader Jamie Laiche is working the same general location as yesterday, but he is unreachable for our camera boat. In fact, he was using a push-pole to move around, and I'm guessing that's how he got back in there in the first place. We've seen him catch several fish, but couldn't tell if they were keepers or not.

Collins culling up

10:12 am EST, Nov 6, 2015

Starting Day 2 in third place, Albert Collins has a pattern going that seems pretty productive. We watched him put numerous fish in the boat, upgrading along the way. There are shad breaking everywhere, making any cast a good cast.


You'll notice the anglers that are fishing in Boggy are using shallow-running aluminum boats. The water is 12-28 inches and littered with stumps. We're in here in a glass boat, and it's clear a smaller boat would make better sense.


We might be stuck right now.

Wade on social media

9:46 am EST, Nov 6, 2015

B.A.S.S.'s social media and Nation editor Tyler Wade gives a talk to Nation presidents on social media.

Proctor looking to move up

9:37 am EST, Nov 6, 2015

John Proctor is in sixth place to start the day. He's fishing in an area known as "Boggy," and most of the Top 10 are back in here. He hasn't caught a fish yet.

Rodriguez on the hunt

9:15 am EST, Nov 6, 2015

Starting the day out in second place, Fabian Rodriguez just dropped his trolling motor and started casting. He said he caught his best five fish in a small area and left them biting yesterday. 


It's a different day weather-wise. Cloudy with afternoon rain likely; the bite should improve for many anglers.

Preuett's Day 2 predictions

8:35 am EST, Nov 6, 2015

Videos: Day 2 launch

8:33 am EST, Nov 6, 2015