live 2015 Old Milwaukee B.A.S.S. Nation Northern Divisional
Lake Vermilion - Tower, MN, Aug 26 - 28, 2015

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Superman makes takeoff appearance

8:24 am EDT, Aug 15, 2014

Scott Moon (IN supporter) wore his best Superman pants to takeoff!

After hours at Lake Monroe

7:23 pm EDT, Aug 14, 2014

The Iowa B.A.S.S. Nation plays the B.A.S.S. Nation crew in a game of corn hole after Day 2 weigh-in. Photo by Emily Hand.

You can't weigh this one in

12:38 pm EDT, Aug 14, 2014

Al Evans sent in this picture of one heck of a catch- but unfortunately the wrong species. 

Waiting their turn

3:36 pm EDT, Aug 13, 2014

B.A.S.S. Nation anglers line up by the holding tanks while they await their turn on stage on Day 1. (Photo by Gene Gilliland)

Takeoff on Day 1

9:48 am EDT, Aug 13, 2014

Northern Divisional Day 1, Lynn Krauchi, Illinois and Chris Fredrick, boat 1 waiting to take off for the day. Photos by Michael Sledden. 

Takeoff ends, and the ducks return

7:48 am EDT, Aug 13, 2014

The last boat is away, and the ducks move back to shore. Photo by Jeremiah Shaver. 

First fish!

7:29 am EDT, Aug 13, 2014

Ian MacDonald from Illinois snaps a photo of his first fish! 

2 good practice bass

7:15 am EDT, Aug 13, 2014

Jason Hewitt and Brad Teel from Iowa with some practice pigs.

High school practice

7:11 am EDT, Aug 13, 2014

Minnesota high school angler Matt Stearns with a solid Monroe largemouth in practice. Photo by Rich Lindgren.

A question of quality?

12:34 am EDT, Aug 13, 2014

Bret Reid of Ohio B.A.S.S. Nation shared two photos from practice and asks, "Will this quality will be good enough at the B.A.S.S. Nation Northern Divisional on Lake Monroe?"


I suspect that what Bret is really doing is telling you, Northern Division competitors, to watch out for Ohio. But that's pure speculation.


To everyone else, Bret says to watch the weigh-in live, beginning at 2:45 p.m. ET, right here on (Read: To see how many more quality bass Ohio pulls out of Lake Monroe.)


And I second that.