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Skipping stones

2:21 pm EDT, Jun 6, 2014
| By Greg Huff
Speaking of “Chamber of Commerce weather” … Besides fishing, is there anything better in the world than being a kid and skipping stones on a sunny summer day? God bless America. 
That’s Kadin Gaubert (left), son of Louisiana B.A.S.S. Nation President Ken Gaubert, and Logan Fall, son of Louisiana competitor Heath Fall. They both claimed to have the record for most skips. Someone should organize a tournament … This moment occurred shortly before the Day 2 weigh-ins.

The "Chamber of Commerce" weather was yesterday

2:19 pm EDT, Jun 6, 2014
| By Greg Huff
The weather was much nicer yesterday when Connie Morris, Lake Eufaula Assocation Executive Director, briefed a reporter on the history of Lake Eufaula, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. President Lyndon Johnson was on hand to dedicate the new reservoir when it opened in September of 1964. 
“It’s had a huge economic impact,” Morris said. "It’s also saved lives, with flood control.”
Morris credited the forethought of the region’s forefathers, especially Robert S. Kerr, Oklahoma’s 12th governor and three-term US senator.
Tourism is Oklahoma’s third-largest industry, Morris noted. “The city of Eufaula is totally dependent on tourism,” she said. “We’re very glad to have B.A.S.S. here,” she said also.
Morris also wanted to correct the record on a detail that appeared earlier this week in this blog:
“Y’all said before that Eufaula is ONE of the largest lakes in Oklahoma,” she said. “It is THE largest lake in Oklahoma.”
Paging Oklahoma B.A.S.S. Nation President Mike Myers … I’m throwing you under the bus on this one, buddy! That was all you!

Awesome cull!

2:02 pm EDT, Jun 6, 2014

William Valdez High school angler from Oklahoma shows the viewers at home an "awesome" cull.

Fishin' in the rain

12:12 pm EDT, Jun 6, 2014
| By Greg Huff

When the rains comes down, does the bite turn up? For Texas angler Brett Millner, the answer is yes. This one wasn’t a keeper, but it’s a good sign that the fish are getting active.

Weather watch

12:02 pm EDT, Jun 6, 2014
| By Greg Huff

Weather watch: The severe thunderstorms that were expected to hit today have arrived. My boat driver, Oklahoma B.A.S.S. Nation President Mike Myers, gets weather alerts via Sirius satellite on his Lowrance HDS 10. Lake Eufaula, which Myers called “The Gentle Giant” in this blog on Day 1, is about to get decidedly less gentle.

Nice catch by Valdez

11:38 am EDT, Jun 6, 2014

William Valdez, a high cchool angler from Oklahoma, is all smiles with his 3rd fish of the day  William and his team partner Alex Torkleson have their priorities in order as the look to help increase Oklahoma's Team lead in the B.A.S.S. Nation Central Divisional. 

Capturing the moment

9:54 am EDT, Jun 6, 2014

BASS photographer Greg Huff get a shot of a "Good un" that Oklahoma angler Brandon Pedigo shows off. 

A special sponsor for an Oklahoma angler

8:11 am EDT, Jun 6, 2014

We all carry our sponsor decals on our boats regularly, But Keith Blackstone (OK) carries a CHAOS decal with him always. It is his 12 year old Daughter Katie's softball team and as soon as he leave the tournament he has an entire weekend ahead of him cheering her on in her own tournament  

Boat U.S. pespective on Day 3 takeoff

8:10 am EDT, Jun 6, 2014
| By Greg Huff

As seen from the Boat U.S. lead boat, B.A.S.S. Nation anglers prepare to launch on Okalahoma’s Lake Eufaula in the Central Divisional.

Leader gets started

8:06 am EDT, Jun 6, 2014

Robert DeGrafenreid from Oklahoma and his co angler Jeremy Dennienn from Kansas are excited to be the Day 2 Oklahoma leader as he sets out to try to retain his lead and become a 2-time national qualifier.