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A Georgetown rainbow

10:04 am EDT, Apr 21, 2015

Photo by John Proctor

The Alabama team is ready

10:02 am EDT, Apr 21, 2015

The Alabama team members pictured here are Chad Miller, Jonathan Edwards, Ray Wimmer, Hank Golden and Don Hogue.


Brittani and Drew Sanford pose in picture number two.


Photos by Eddie Plemons

Strategy and supper

9:58 am EDT, Apr 21, 2015

The North Carolina team eats and strategizes.

Alabama high school team

9:43 am EDT, Apr 21, 2015

The Alabama High School fishing team practices on the Pee Dee River Basin.


Photos by Drew Sanford

A Pee Dee giant

4:55 pm EDT, Apr 20, 2015

Mickey Lewis pulled a 7 pound, 10 ounce giant out of the Pee Dee River Basin during practice.

A nice 6-pounder

3:18 pm EDT, Apr 20, 2015

Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation team member Jonathan Edwards is looking good with a nice 6-pound bass during practice.

Update by Eddie Plemons

Tennessee meeting time

3:16 pm EDT, Apr 20, 2015

Tennessee B.A.S.S. Nation has a meeting of the minds. Welcome to Georgetown, S.C.


Update by Jeff Giarrizzo

Here come the camels?

3:12 pm EDT, Apr 20, 2015

Camels run around the Black River while Chuck Murray and Randy Groves practice for the Old Milwaukee B.A.S.S. Nation Southern Divisional.

Shores' Day 2 livewell

2:35 pm EDT, Apr 11, 2015

Kissing a bass

2:24 pm EDT, Apr 10, 2015

Dejon Lewis says, "I just love kissing bass. I'm in love."