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Nothing yet

11:51 am EST, Nov 7, 2014

Ron Welch of California has zero as of 10:30 a.m. 

"I thought I'd just run up in there and get a limit, but that didn't work out," said Welch. 

Now he's making a run. A long one, he says.

Small fish for Johnston

11:20 am EST, Nov 7, 2014

Tim Johnston of Montana isn't getting the bites he wants. 

"I've got three in the boat and they weigh about a pound -- total," said Johnston with a laugh. "And I might be overestimating."

He's in the spot he visited yesterday, but he's only been here for about 15 minutes this morning. 

"It's really tough today," he said.

The history of Alabama's fantastic four

11:17 am EST, Nov 7, 2014

Many moons ago, Day 1 leader Coby Carden and now Elite Series pro Jamie Horton were tournament partners in Alabama dominating nearly half the local tournaments there. At the time, Coby's current team partner, Chris Rutland, and now Elite Series pro Russ Lane comprised another team and were dominating the other half of the local events in Alabama.


Since then, Russ Lane and Jamie Horton moved to the Elites and Chris Rutland and Coby Carden became tournament partners and combined their local resources to become arguably the most dominant duo in history when it comes to the confines of Alabama. Coby and Chris are also Elite caliber anglers. Coby qualified and fished the predecessor to the Elite Series in 2003 and 2004. Chris, who Coby refers to as the "the best out of all 4 of us," is the only angler of the 4 of them to never make the move to the Elites. That, however, was a choice and a probably wise one. There's no doubt Chris could make the Elites if he chose to. But in choosing not to he's had as much success as a "weekend angler" could hope to have.


I'd have to do the numbers but Chris Rutland has probably made as much money or more fishing within a couple hours of the house and definitely spent a lot less over the years on entry fees and expenses than his friends fishing the national tours.


In 2006, Coby Carden and Jamie Horton qualified for the Bassmaster Weekend Series Nationals on the Ouachita River. Though the two of them qualified separately for the event and were fishing from different boats and competing against one another, they fished the event like they would any other, as a team. The two combined their efforts in practice and between the two of them found a sweet little spot under the D'arbonne Lake spillway. After discussing it, the two decided it would be best for Jamie to fish that area during the event and Coby went elsewhere. Jamie Horton went on to win the event but in a move that only the best of tournament partners could understand, Jamie and Coby split the $50,000 purse after Coby was eliminated and headed home on the second day. "I got $25,000 for moral support," joked Coby. 


Flashforward 5 years and Jamie Horton finds himself back under the D'arbonne Lake spillway competing for another title, this time the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship. Jamie won the event and netted nearly another hundred grand for that one. 


Now skip ahead a few more years and here we are with Coby... fishing way up the D'arbonne Bayou... again... leading after Day 1. Nearly a decade of pre-fishing in the making and now it's Coby's turn to potentially sign his name in the history books as B.A.S.S. Nation's National champion.

Caught up with Carden

9:58 am EST, Nov 7, 2014

Caught up with Coby Carden. Just caught his 5th keeper with us standing here and that one gives him about 10lbs or so without a big fish yet. Three solid fish in the 2-1/2 to 2-3/4 range. 

Ran out of road

9:34 am EST, Nov 7, 2014

Hoofing it from here.

Interviews with Nation anglers before Day 2 begins

9:28 am EST, Nov 7, 2014

Headed north

8:13 am EST, Nov 7, 2014

Rolling up the highway with 2015 Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Classic contender and Monroe resident Brett Preuett. Today's "on the water coverage" has become "from the Tundra coverage". After not seeing much from the boat yesterday, we got a little tip from one of the top contenders. He said he'll be way up D'arbonne Bayou. Right under D'arbonne Lake spillway to be exact. That spillway held the winning fish here in 2011 when Jamie Horton won the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship. Could history repeat itself here this week?

Carden talks about his Day 1 lead

7:45 am EST, Nov 7, 2014

Early look at Day 2 takeoff

7:37 am EST, Nov 7, 2014

Photos by Brett Reid. 

Carden talks Day 1

6:11 pm EST, Nov 6, 2014

Coby Carden talks about his Day 1 lead.