2014 A.R.E. Truck Caps Bassmaster Elite at Table Rock Lake
Table Rock Lake - Branson, MO, Apr 3 - 6, 2014

2014 Elite Series: Table Rock Live Blog

Marshal update: McClelland's winning bass

4:08 pm CDT, Apr 9, 2014

Elite Series Marshal Lance Roe got a front row seat to the action on Mike McClelland's boat during his winning performance on Table Rock Lake. This is one of the bass that helped boost McClelland into the top spot.


Roe emailed us this photo today and said, "The look on McClelland's face tells it all ... This was an awesome learning experience for me. Thank you for allowing Marshals on the tour."


Photo by Marshal Lance Roe.

... and then there were none.

6:43 pm CDT, Apr 6, 2014

This concludes the 2014 A.R.E. Truck Caps Bassmaster Elite Tournament at Table Rock Lake. Thank you, beautiful Branson, Mo.!   (Photo by Gene Gilliland)

That's a wrap!

6:36 pm CDT, Apr 6, 2014

It's not officially OVER until the last bass makes its way back into the water from which it came. And that's the real story here - we came, we caught, and we returned them to you, Table Rock Lake - may your residents and visitors enjoy fishing your waters for your beautiful bass for years to come.    (Photo by Gene Gilliland)

Making cuts

3:25 pm CDT, Apr 6, 2014
| By Ken Duke

To put Kevin VanDam's streak of 29 straight Top 50 finishes in perspective, we're halfway through three tournaments this year and only 11 anglers have finished in the Top 50 all three times. Twenty (20) others have missed every cut this year, and two anglers have yet to earn an AOY point (haven't finished in the top 100). Among the anglers who have missed every cut so far this year are 2014 Bassmaster Classic qualifiers Jonathon VanDam, Greg Vinson, and Chris Zaldain. There's a lot of fishing left this season, but those anglers will be very anxious to post a good finish at Toledo Bend next month.

KVD still has one streak alive

3:11 pm CDT, Apr 6, 2014
| By Ken Duke

Though he lost his consecutive Top 50 streak at the St. Johns River (29 straight), Kevin VanDam has the longest current streak of limit catches in the Elite Series at 29 (through Day 3 at Table Rock). He's slightly more than halfway to the record (57) ... also by KVD.

Davis is on his way back

2:53 pm CDT, Apr 6, 2014

Mark Davis squeezed every last second of his fishing time and is now on his way back. These minutes of every event are alway mysterious. Things can happen quickly and there's no time to really find out who caught what or anything. Either way, this weigh in promises to be one for the ages.

McClelland back at Kimberling City

2:51 pm CDT, Apr 6, 2014

Mike McClelland has worked his way back down the White River arm of the lake to Kimberling City, near where he started this morning. The clock is ticking louder by the second. At 2:34 he said he figures he's got "about 14 minutes" left to fish before he heads back to the check in site at  Table Rock State Park. 


McClelland hasn't gone long between fish catches today. He's added a couple more in the last half-hour. But he has caught only one fish that's helped him since he landed that 2 1/2 pounderat 11 o'clock this morning. It was his fifth fish. McClelland said then, "My biggest fish of the day. Hopefully it will be my smallest at the end of the day."

First Look with Davy Hite at 2:55 Central!

2:48 pm CDT, Apr 6, 2014

We'll be running the live stream today, First Look with Davy Hite, at 2:55 central. Davy will be interviewing the top 12 anglers as they come off the water. He'll give us the first look at how their day has unfolded. Check the homepage for the link. 

Palaniuk with No. 5

2:46 pm CDT, Apr 6, 2014

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Richard Kiblinger.

It's gonna be close

2:37 pm CDT, Apr 6, 2014

Just got word from VanDam's cameraman that KVD just boated a 4-plus and he now has about 16 pounds or more.


Just how much more won't be known until they hit the scales.


But if it's close then we have a virtual tie with three anglers. But KVD may have the advantage. It's hard to say at this point but it makes the outcome worth watching: three giants going head to head, ounce for ounce.