2014 Bassmaster Elite at Lake Dardanelle Lake Dardanelle - Russellville, AR, May 15 - 18, 2014

2014 Elite Series: Lake Dardanelle Live Blog

Zell's bells

10:51 am CDT, May 17, 2014
| By Ken Duke

Zell Rowland's Day 2 catch weighing 25-5 was easily the biggest in Dardanelle Elite history. Prior to that, the heaviest was 22-9 ... by John Crews just one day earlier.

Cliff Prince with a solid upgrade

10:45 am CDT, May 17, 2014

David Walker just landed a 6 pound pig

10:39 am CDT, May 17, 2014

Bret Hite with #4

10:35 am CDT, May 17, 2014

Bret Hite with #4. Photo by Marshall Jordan Pirraglia. 

Nice cull for Zaldain

10:33 am CDT, May 17, 2014

Chris Zaldain with another cull. 

Hackney now spotless

10:22 am CDT, May 17, 2014

Greg Hackney has continued to catch fish, just not much that could help him. Three straight were unhooked and tossed back without a second glance. But Hackney just caught a largemouth that may have helped him. The key word there is "may."

Hackney reached in the livewell to grab his smallest fish - the spotted bass that filled his limit - held it up next to the largemouth he'd just caught and tossed back the spot.

"I was tired of looking at him," Hackney said. "This ain't no mixed bag fishery."

Ike has a limit

10:20 am CDT, May 17, 2014

Photo by Mark Williams

Takahiro is culling

10:20 am CDT, May 17, 2014

Takahiro Omori is culling. He tells me he has 17 lbs. 

New waterfalls

10:16 am CDT, May 17, 2014

Recent heavy rains created some scenic waterfalls. Pic by Marshal Buc Rogers.

Walker with 2nd keeper

10:13 am CDT, May 17, 2014

We're watching David Walker fishing shallow near a boat ramp. Zell Rowland just left this spot. Walker slid right in after he left and caught a nice-looking 4-pounder.


Walker was patient, doing cast after cast into the same little spot.


Our boat driver Tim Preator had just said, "I can't believe he's spending so much time saturating that area."  And seconds later Walker caught the big fish.

"And that's why I watch these guys," Tim said with a laugh. (Photo by Marshal Keith Record)