2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by Diet Mountain Dew and GoPro
Lake Guntersville - Birmingham, AL, Feb 21 - 23, 2014

2014 Bassmaster Classic Live Blog

Evers boats another small one

1:07 pm CST, Feb 23, 2014
| By Trey Reid

Evers just landed another one and promptly tossed it over the other side of the boat. Seconds later, he moved to a spot behind the Goose Creek Marina.


Perhaps it's the time of day, warming water temperature, or the chop the wind has put on the water. Whatever the case, the pace of fish catches is picking up for Evers.

Evers is loosening up

12:56 pm CST, Feb 23, 2014
| By Trey Reid

There's nothing like a couple of good fish to lift an angler's spirit. Shortly after Evers put his two best fish of the day in his boat, I reported it on the War Room. As I discussed the reversal of fortunes with Tommy Sanders, I mentioned that the dwindling number of spectator boats can affect an angler's mental state. I went on to say that there's nothing like a few good fish to "get the spiders out of a guy's head."


That prompted Evers to call out,"Hey, I don't have spiders in my head." He's having a lot more fun now than he was 30 minutes ago. Let's see if he can pick up more quality bites and stay in that mindset.

DeFoe steady but struggling

12:53 pm CST, Feb 23, 2014

It's been a long dry spell for a DeFoe. He's fishing steadily and slowly. He doesn't look flustered, but he knows he needs a couple of good fish if he's going to have a shot at winning the Classic. He moved from his last spot where he caught some good fish. But so far nothing here. He is still fishing on the main lake. He's rotating between a swimbait, a jerkbait, a shallow cranker, and a lipless crankbait.

Closing speaker at Conservation Summit

12:36 pm CST, Feb 23, 2014

Dr. Thomas Wells speaking to BASS Nation Conservation Directors about loss of backwaters for fishing.

Tharp lands a 3-pounder

12:35 pm CST, Feb 23, 2014

Maybe Tharp made the right move. After probing this area without a bite and trying multiple lures, he indicated to his cameraman that they'd leave soon. Then his rod bent under the weight of a solid fish. He played it expertly to the boat and lipped one that appeared to be over 3 pounds. Maybe he'll stay longer than expected before making the long haul back down the lake.

Evers lands a quality keeper

12:33 pm CST, Feb 23, 2014
| By Trey Reid

Things are looking up for Edwin Evers. He just ripped into a fish that allowed him to cull one of the little fish in his box. Let's call it a 3.5-pounder. On his very next cast, he hooked into another one, but it went straight back into the water. Maybe the wind is helping.


There's another one, and it's going to help too. It's in that same 3.5-pound range. It looks like Evers is on to something here. All three of these fish came from an area the size of his boat.

Jordan culls again

12:22 pm CST, Feb 23, 2014

Jordan Lee just culled again, replacing a 3 for another 5 pounder! Still fishing shallow and the bites keep getting bigger.

Mueller, Tharp make moves

12:22 pm CST, Feb 23, 2014

About the time the lull in the action hit an all-time low, a boat comes tearing out of Roseberry Creek. It’s Randall Tharp. He makes a big, long loop following the channels that have been cut, but part of his crowd loses him and scatters. They criss-cross back and forth until they’re all headed in a southerly direction and find him. The result was Mueller’s spot being churned up in a big way. Shortly after the ruckus, he picks up the trolling motor and we motor south as well. We’re across the river from the mouth of North Sauty Creek at the moment, and Mueller is still throwing the ChatterBait. Our crowd has dwindled to three boats again. I guess the lack of action was too much to bear. But, if yesterday was any indication, the fireworks should start shortly.

Wind is picking up

12:16 pm CST, Feb 23, 2014
| By Trey Reid

The wind is picking up on Guntersville, and we're wondering if this will help or hurt Evers' bite. After fishing a 150-yard stretch of bank for the past 45 minutes, Evers just picked up and moved 200 yards to fish some grass in the middle of this pocket. His body language says that he's starting to feel a bit of concern about how the day is progressing. Of course, he didn't set the world on fire yesterday until a little later in the day. The spectator gallery has dwindled to six boats, and Evers has been around long enough to know that's not a good sign.

Starting spot

12:14 pm CST, Feb 23, 2014


Tharp has moved back to the spot on the main lake where we found him first thing both yesterday and today. At first I thought the move reeked of desperation, the type of place you go to fill out a limit, not win the Bassmaster Classic. Perhaps he's assuming it's been tough for everyone else and a few 3- and 4-pounders will give him enough to squeak by.