2013 Elite Series West Point Lake Battle West Point Lake - LaGrange, GA, May 2 - 5, 2013

2013 West Point Lake Battle Live Blog

Pilings for Faircloth

8:29 am EDT, May 5, 2013

After fishing another shallow pocket, Faircloth runs to the bridge we passed under on the way into Half Moon Creek. He's twitching a jerkbait past the bridge pilings. I've seen many of the pros fishing bridges during this tournament, but they were all fishing the riprap. Faircloth is the first pro I have seen fishing the pilings. Now he begins to work the riprap. Nothing yet.

Vinson adds a second

8:20 am EDT, May 5, 2013

Biffle with a spinnerbait

8:15 am EDT, May 5, 2013

We finally caught up with Tommy Biffle after a chilly 60-minute boat ride that included a couple of detours for us. We had trouble finding this slippery fox despite looking at BASSTrakk several times.


Tommy has one keeper for about a pound and a half. He's known as a shallow water flippin' guy, and here he is in Brush Creek in shallow water and he's throwing a spinnerbait. Not what we expected. 

Faircloth calm so far

8:13 am EDT, May 5, 2013

Faircloth has worked his way around the back of a pocket. We got a better look at his topwater bait through Jacobson's long telephoto lens. It is a small popper.


Faircloth pauses at another isolated dock and works it over with a small bait on a spinning outfit. No takers. He is calmly chatting with the cameraman shooting video footage from the back deck.


If Faircloth knew that BASSTrakk has Pete Ponds with two bass, Aaron Martens with two and Cliff Pace with three, he might feel more urgent. One of the two spectator boats just left. Maybe he learned that some of the other pros were having better luck early.


Jacobson tells me that Faircloth caught only six bass yesterday. He's grinding them out.

Overstreet, Martens on "Osprey Point"

8:11 am EDT, May 5, 2013

James "The Osprey" Overstreet is taking more photos of the osprey guarding her nest in a tree offshore of Holiday Park than he is of Aaron Martens, who has moved off the bank to some deeper water.


Casey Ashley is also in sight. Martens is obviously fired up. He hasn't stopped talking to cameraman Brian Mason.


Martens called the Corps of Engineers recording at West Point Dam right before takeoff this morning. It said power generation would be "continuous" today. Martens felt that was the key to catching so many bass Friday — the current flowing through the lake, which wasn't there Saturday.


But he hasn't seen evidence of current this morning.

Vinson has one

8:09 am EDT, May 5, 2013

Ashley with a single bass

8:01 am EDT, May 5, 2013

Casey has started the day with one small keeper fish. Call it a 1-pounder. He is working an area with a long point and an island off of it.  He is circling the island then going to the point then back to the island.


The day is 1,000% better than yesterday.  Cool breeze, no rain,  sun is out.  For sure much better!


Submitted by Russell Sanders, Marshall

Ponds has three

7:59 am EDT, May 5, 2013

Pete just added No. 3 in the boat. He changed up baits a bit and got a reaction bite.

Biffle getting away from the crowd

7:53 am EDT, May 5, 2013

We are way up the Chattahoochee River, trying to find Tommy Biffle.


In the 25 years I've followed Biffle, he's had the knack for getting away from the crowd in the uncharted stuff.


He's outdone himself this week. We are miles from anyone, and our run here encompassed skimming over a couple sandbars, dodging a myriad of floating timber and bouncing over enough unseen stuff  to make a mother or insurance agent cry. And we're still not there.


I talked with Biffle last night. He was worried the water would be too muddy after yesterday's storms. His worries look like they are confirmed. It's muddy. But not enough to turn him around. We will have eyes on him soon.

Martens has two early

7:46 am EDT, May 5, 2013

James Overstreet and I have caught up with Aaron Martens, who is fishing near Holiday Park, right across from the Pyne Road Park takeoff site. He has two fish. The first one came on a jerkbait. The second was on a dropshot. Martens doesn't seem too happy with one of those bass, as he's measured it more than once. We didn't see the catch, but I'm assuming it's a 12-inch spotted bass.


Now Martens is working the grass near the shore with a frog. There are campers in the park that have an up-close view of A-Mart this morning.