2013 Elite Series Toyota All-Star Week and Evan Williams Bourbon Championship
Muskegon Lake and White Lake - Muskegon, MI, Sep 27 - 29, 2013

2013 Toyota All-Star Week blog

Evers still searching

9:22 am EDT, Sep 29, 2013

When we pulled up to Evers we were the only boat watching him.

Now there are about 15 boats with us. But Evers hasn't hooked anything yet.

He's working at it and has had some blow ups, but nothing connected. Those blow ups are keeping him close. But it's my guess it won't be long before one of two things will happen: he'll connect with one or he'll decide this ain't working and move on. Thing is, moving on, thankfully, isn't far. The width of this lake is about three par 5s across. That's from the white tees.

KVD hooks up again

9:19 am EDT, Sep 29, 2013

VanDam has fourth keeper

9:13 am EDT, Sep 29, 2013

KVD moved tighter to shore and hooked up with his fourth keeper on the same Strike King Topwater popper that got him his big bass on Day 1. However, this one was not near as big; in Kevin's words it's a BABY.

KVD in search and destroy mode

9:06 am EDT, Sep 29, 2013

A little over an hour and a half into the day, and KVD looks to be in search and destroy mode. He started the day fishing the pier head where he boated five or six fish, three of those were keepers and went in the box. All those fish came on a jerkbait. Now he has run across the lake to the no wake zone and is cycling through a few different baits (jig, spinnerbait, jerkbait and topwater) in search of the right one.

No. 2 for KVD

9:00 am EDT, Sep 29, 2013

White Lake best tournament location in the area

8:57 am EDT, Sep 29, 2013

Talking to some of the spectators, White Lake is the destination lake for tourneys in the area.

If a derby takes out of Muskegon, this is where the sticks head. If it takes out of anywhere close enough, guys will head this way.

Jonathon VanDam said he had a run of eight straight events scattered around the Lake Michigan area where he caught the big bass in each of those events from White Lake.

No big uns yet, but evidently we are in God's country for an angler, or at least we can see it from where we are sitting.

Four minutes in and KVD hooks up

8:53 am EDT, Sep 29, 2013

Pros head out with Folds of Honor

8:52 am EDT, Sep 29, 2013

This morning, Elite pros who were eliminated from the final day of competition were paired up with veterans and other guests in the Folds of Honor Foundation Pro-Am presented by ARE. Pictured, from top to bottom, are Aaron Martens, Bobby Lane and Gerald Swindle.


The Folds of Honor Foundation provides educational scholarships to the dependents of service members killed or disabled while serving our country. Make sure you contribute to the cause during the “pass the bucket” at today's weigh-in!

Evers and Pace fishing the upper end

8:43 am EDT, Sep 29, 2013

We are swapping back-and-forth between Cliff Pace and Edwin Evers. Both are on the upper end.

We've seen Pace put a couple in well, now we are on Evers.

One thing I am seeing is a lot of rod switching. One second there's a topwater, the next a jig and so on.

It looks more like practice at the moment. No one is really dialed into anything specific. That will come later in the day we assume.

Regardless, the morning has broken beautifully and there is enough action to give the impression we are in for a lot of fish catching by the end of the day.

Evers on the water on final day

8:39 am EDT, Sep 29, 2013

Photo by Carey Barrett