2013 Elite Series Toyota All-Star Week and Evan Williams Bourbon Championship
Muskegon Lake and White Lake - Muskegon, MI, Sep 27 - 29, 2013

2013 Toyota All-Star Week blog

Zaldain lands another good one

10:43 am EDT, Sep 28, 2013

Jesse Weener tells us Chris Zaldain "spooked up" a good one!

Skeet with another

10:37 am EDT, Sep 28, 2013

Skeet Reese finds another. Things are looking up. (Photo by Bret Hoeksema)

Cherry is killing 'em

10:29 am EDT, Sep 28, 2013

I just spent a few minutes in Hank Cherry's boat. He culled one while I was there and I got a good look at his sack.

I have no idea what BassTrakk has for him. But the five in his boat at the moment will scare the hell out of 15 pounds.

That should definitely put him in the final. A big change, though, is the wind. It's blowing pretty good, enough to put a chop on the water.

That same wind is helping everyone. Either way, Cherry is rolling. He didn't have a keeper this time yesterday.

Crews with a 1.8-pounder

10:14 am EDT, Sep 28, 2013

Martens still at the pyramid

10:10 am EDT, Sep 28, 2013

Aaron Martens is still fishing near "the pyramid," only now he's banging a deep-diving crankbait through the big brushpile here - sometimes more successfully than other times. Martens has caught three fish today, which is keeping him in the hunt for the Final Four.

But we've seen him pull out two different types of plug-knockers in the last 15 minutes in trying to retrieve crankbaits. He just got one back, along with a big piece of wood that was still hooked.

Mike Elkins, our boat driver, said when the shipping channel just downstream was dug out, the dredge was piled here. It has left giant fish-attractor that Martens is picking his way through.

Who's in/who's out

9:55 am EDT, Sep 28, 2013
| By Ken Duke

The first part of All-Star Week is this two day derby on Muskegon Lake. The shorter a tournament, the more volatile the standings. Even so, you just can't like the chances of the three anglers who came in with less than 10 pounds on Day 1. Brandon Palaniuk scraped together a small limit weighing 9-6. Skeet Reese was one short of a limit and had 8-5. John Crews really struggled and brought in just two bass for 6-2. Their goals on Day 2 are pretty straightforward; they need a miracle. While it might seem that the five-pound-plus lead Cliff Pace has over these three isn't much, it's really quite substantial. You see, it's more than the weight of the biggest bass you can expect to catch in Saturday's competition, and those kinds of leads are all but impossible to overcome. Then there's the problem of leapfrogging over all the guys between them and fourth place (to qualify for the finals). You might pass a few of them, but seven … or eight … or nine? That's too much. I expect that the anglers who weren't in double digits Friday won't be competing on Sunday.

Martens with a biggie smalls

9:54 am EDT, Sep 28, 2013

Aaron Martens with a 3-pound smallie! (Photo by Daryl DeVries)

Reese is on the board with his first bite of the day

9:51 am EDT, Sep 28, 2013

Photo by Bret Hoeksema

Pace fishing the canal

9:50 am EDT, Sep 28, 2013

Cliff Pace has returned to the spot where he caught his big fish
yesterday-- which was nearly five pounds. He's in the canal that leads
to Lake Michigan. There's a lot of boat traffic in here, but Cliff
doesn't seem to mind. He appears to be patiently fishing a drop bait
along the bottom.

Kevin VanDam just passed us, heading out to the mouth of the canal.

KVD heads out to the pear heads

9:49 am EDT, Sep 28, 2013

Photo by Carlos Vergara