2013 Elite Series Sabine River Challenge Presented by STARK Cultural Venues
Sabine River System - Orange, TX, Mar 14 - 17, 2013

2013 Sabine River Challenge Live Blog

Bean and Bordelon

11:57 am CDT, Mar 16, 2013

Today we have two great guys working to keep us out of trouble, Jackson Bean (left) and Kyle Bordelon.


Jackson is actually the Marshal for Dean Rojas. But he's with us because we have our ESPN cameraman on the boat with Rojas. We'll get him back in the boat before long. In civilian life, Bean is a dentist in Greenville, Texas, east of Dallas.


Bordelon is our boat driver, but we're traveling by land today so he's driving our car. And let me tell you he can get around these back roads of Louisiana. It helps that he's a deputy sheriff in neighboring Jefferson County, Texas. We feel a little more comfortable knowing he's packing heat.


Bean is Marshaling so he can learn more about bass fishing. Bordelon looks up to these Elite anglers and hopes to compete at this level some day.

Spectators talk bass fishing and more

11:54 am CDT, Mar 16, 2013


This is Tony (left) and Mark hanging out on a warm Saturday morning, drinking a beer and talking about bass fishing. They live near Sulphur, La. Tony fishes this area often and has been after a six foot gar for about two years. He's caught him twice. But the gar
got off both times. And by the way he raised an alligator here as well.

Fred Roumbanis fishes the Westfork River

11:48 am CDT, Mar 16, 2013

Photo by Kevin Robbins

Scroggins on the Calcasieu

11:46 am CDT, Mar 16, 2013

Terry Scroggins is running and gunning, as much as anyone can do that way up in the Calcasieu River. He stopped where he caught his big fish yesterday and added his second keeper today.

Then he was off again. Now he has joined Brent Chapman in another small backwater area off the main river channel. They are working opposite sides of the bank, within casting distance of each other.

 Photo by Kevin Robbins

Klein struggling

11:39 am CDT, Mar 16, 2013

Gary Klein just gave the hi sign as we meet near the water at this 2013 Elite Series opener. Gary is having a rough go of it so far it appears. His Marshal signaled one fish about 2 pounds. I am going to catch back up with Cliff Crochet and see what he has rolling right now.

Rojas with an extra trick?

11:35 am CDT, Mar 16, 2013

We've mostly been watching Rojas today, but every once in a while we get near Jeff Kriet or Alton Jones.

For the most part, they are each doing the same thing.

Rojas, though, may have a little extra trick in his arsenal. I see him pick it up every once in a while, but as soon as one of the other competitors gets close he makes a little scramble to put it down.

It's interesting to watch the poker game taking place in front of you.

Hank Cherry makes some gator friends

11:33 am CDT, Mar 16, 2013

Jones has a limit

11:33 am CDT, Mar 16, 2013

This is Alton Jones' fifth fish for the livewell.

Photo by Jim Gilbert

Kennedy pulls in a short

11:31 am CDT, Mar 16, 2013

Rojas and Jones venture into treacherous area

11:23 am CDT, Mar 16, 2013

Rojas has started back under I-10. We've decided to not follow. The last time we chased him through there we followed a coon trail that was slightly treacherous carrying camera gear. I half expected to see a dead body or two on the way.


It was cooler then. There were heron tracks, coon tracks an alligator slide. There was slight aromas of dead things. The kind of place you wouldn't mind having a gun with you.


Now that it's warmer, we are going to stay in less slithery places, at least for the moment.


Alton Jones is still back there unless a gator has gotten him.

We will see how things progress before we decide to man up and join them. No need to beat the bushes if he's only making a quick pass.