2013 Elite Series Sabine River Challenge Presented by STARK Cultural Venues
Sabine River System - Orange, TX, Mar 14 - 17, 2013

2013 Sabine River Challenge Live Blog

Faircloth gets fish No. 2

1:23 pm CDT, Mar 16, 2013

A Marshal's job is really tough

1:18 pm CDT, Mar 16, 2013


A Marshal's job is real tough. Got to keep a close eye on Charlie Hartley.

Locals say "head to the backwaters"

12:55 pm CDT, Mar 16, 2013

The locals are out on the Sabine. just met a really friendly dad and daughter who live here. They both said the pros would be wise to head even deeper into the backwaters. Dad caught a 6-pounder just the other day so that could be sage advice!

Rojas needs two keepers

12:53 pm CDT, Mar 16, 2013

Dean Rojas came out of the I-10 hidey hole about an hour ago. He still has three fish.


Not far behind him was Alton Jones. Jones now has a limit.


Both the anglers fished the close-to half mile stretch at about the same pace.


Our initial thought was they would eventually fish their way out of sight.


Rojas, though after getting to the end, turned, fired up his big motor and idled out of sight back under I-10.


Both are looking for big fish. Jones has a limit and knows a big fish is necessary to be in contention to win.


Rojas is hanging on. But knows he can't leave numbers on the board. He has to catch two keepers.


Both guys are bearing down.

Scroggins back where he started

12:49 pm CDT, Mar 16, 2013


Terry Scroggins is back where he started. He has two fish in the boat at noon.

Picture taken by Kevin Robbins

Snowden has 2 pounds

12:24 pm CDT, Mar 16, 2013

Brian Snowden is catching small ones. He only has one in the boat right now.

 Photo by Chuck Cobb

Matt Herren has one

12:12 pm CDT, Mar 16, 2013

Morris caught a fourth

12:06 pm CDT, Mar 16, 2013

Rick Morris now has his fourth fish in the boat.


Photo by Jeff Cox

Spectators gathering

12:03 pm CDT, Mar 16, 2013

The spectator boats have gathered at the mouth of the cut where Terry Scroggins and Brent Chapman are fishing. This is actually where Scroggins caught his 5-pounder on Thursday, contrary to my earlier misinformation.
Now Scroggins is on the move again.

Dennis Tietje makes friends

11:59 am CDT, Mar 16, 2013

Dennis Tietje makes friends with a gator that is hanging out close to his fishing spot.

Photo by Cory Harris