2013 Elite Series Sabine River Challenge Presented by STARK Cultural Venues
Sabine River System - Orange, TX, Mar 14 - 17, 2013

2013 Sabine River Challenge Live Blog

Virgin water

9:45 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013


Jones and Rojas are fishing in close proximity again, near the bridge.

That's a spectator in the yellow boat. A local told us no one knew there were bass in this canal. He said a few months ago debris was removed from the mouth of the canal. Prior to that boats could not get in here. So this may be virgin water for bass fishing. These bass may not have seen the lures Rojas, Jones and Kriet are throwing here.
Which may explain why all three guys are in the Top 12.

Fun for the whole family

9:42 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013


Bass fishing fans come in all sizes. Tararra Babez brought her son, Austin, 6, and daughter, Aubree, 5, to watch Dean Rojas fish Bayou D'Indie this morning.
"We live just a few miles from here," Tararra said. "Not many locals fish here."
Tararra called her husband on her cell phone to get advice on other places we might intercept Rojas, Alton Jones and Jeff Kriet as we follow them from the banks of Bayou D'Indie.

Elites are in a surprising spot

9:35 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

No matter where the Elite Series anglers go, they manage to find bass where local anglers don't expect. Bayou D'Inde is the latest example.

While following leader Dean Rojas up this narrow bayou, we met Sammy and Candi Hall of Orange. They are both avid bass anglers who have been following every minute of the Sabine River Challenge.

"We've talked to some (Sulphur) locals," Sammy said. "They didn't even know there were bass in here."

Rojas, by the way, was still stuck on zero when we saw him.

Five boats following Faircloth, staying back

9:32 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

There are five boats with us following Faircloth. They are hanging way back with us. Understanding this flat is very shallow, no one wants to mess up Todd's  bite. Looks like he just caught a non-keeper. It's very still right now -- muggy, overcast.

Faircloth with a hookset

8:48 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

Faircloth just jerked three times, looks like he was on something nice. He may have boated a male. We are about 250 yards from him, a guesstimate.

Alton has company

8:44 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

In addition to Dean Rojas and Jeff Kriet, Alton Jones has some extra company sharing D'Inde Bayou this morning. Local anglers Eric Dore' and James Hollie are getting ready to "show the pros how it's done."


Jones caught a short one just a few minutes ago. 

Sharing the bayou

8:37 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

Dean Rojas and Alton Jones have arrived back in the same location they fished yesterday -- in the Bayou D'inde area near Sulphur, La. They are fishing in a drainage ditch. Jones got here first. Rojas was 30 seconds behind.


Rojas pulled up right next to Jones, no more than 10 yards away.


Perhaps making the point that he would not back down. That he was not going to give up his spot without a fight. Rojas complained publicly yesterday about another Elite Series angler poaching his area. Today we're seeing that drama play out.

Faircloth in Big Hill Bayou

8:33 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

Found Faircloth. He is on a place called Big Hill Bayou. It is about a foot and a half deep on a big flat surrounded by the J.D. Murphree Wildlife Management Area. 

Looking for Faircloth

8:29 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

On the water looking for Faircloth. He's about 7 miles from where we launched. Slightly overcast, a bit humid. 

Home water advantage?

5:49 pm CDT, Mar 16, 2013

For nearly seven hours, Louisiana Elite Series Pro Cliff Crochet flipped banks just across the border into the Bayou State.

Unfortunately for the "Cajun Baby," the pattern was not kind. Crochet, who entered Saturday's action in third place, zeroed today. The bite he found on Thursday and Friday dried up today, when he was running a backwater canal about 10 miles east of the takeoff.

"Being a home water guy, you have to stay calm and keep your head clear," Crochet said. "I've learned to go with my first instinct. Today, I went with my second instinct. Bad move. I can't overthink and get past the obvious."

Todd Faircloth, who lives in Texas but admits he doesn't fish the Sabine regularly, is looking to peg on something good on Sunday.

"It's going to be interesting and I'm excited," he said.