2013 Elite Series Sabine River Challenge Presented by STARK Cultural Venues
Sabine River System - Orange, TX, Mar 14 - 17, 2013

2013 Sabine River Challenge Live Blog

They're spawning everywhere!

11:33 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

The anglers have mentioned how a lack of water clarity here prevents them from being able to see spawning beds. They know the spawn is in full swing though.


Jim Sexton and I, however, had no problem spotting this spawning bed along Bayou D'Indie.


It did not have a bass on it. 

Sexton has Stihl Timbersports future

11:29 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor crossing a log with a $10,000 camera shall keep us from our appointed blogging rounds.


Jim Sexton demonstrates that he has a future in log rolling on the Stihl Timbersports tour as we returned from a hike in the woods along Bayou D'Inde to catch up with Jeff Kriet.


There is some thick stuff along the bayou, but there are mobile homes and houses nearby every stretch of this water. So there are clear paths to take, and logs to cross.

A limit for Faircloth

11:14 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

We just moved again, maybe about a quarter mile west. The wind is really  picking up here, probably gusting to 15 miles per hour or so from time to time. And just like clockwork, Todd Faircloth yanked another keeper from Big Hill Bayou. He seems very comfortable today. Not sure what's going through his mind, but he has to be thrilled with what's he doing so far this morning.

Kriet trying to stay calm

10:43 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013


Jeff Kriet just caught his first keeper. He'd like to have one more in the next hour.

"If I've got two by 11:30 or 12, I'll be fine," he said. "Yesterday I had three at 1 or 1:30. The I caught four keepers in 30 minutes. The tide has got to be right.

"But it's going to be even later today. This is all going to come down to the last hour. Once the tide gets right I can call my shots.  I probably had 15 bites in the last 30 minutes yesterday.

"I've just got to stay calm until then.

"We have been getting a good hour in the morning here, but that didn't happen today. I doubt those guys up there (Rojas and Jones) are doing very good either right now."

Strike that 4-pound estimate for Faircloth

10:27 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

Strike that 4-pound estimate. Faircloth's boat reports that last fish was a 5-pounder.

Faircloth feeling good after pulling up a 4-pounder

10:17 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

You think Faircloth likes this spot? Five minutes later, he just pulled out what looks like a 4-pounder. Wow! Swimbait? Looks like it. Todd just shouted out loud. He's feeling it for sure.

Dennis Tietje boats keeper No. 2

10:15 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013


Photo by Chris Smith

Tietje has his first fish today

10:10 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

TJ putting the first keeper in the livewell.

Photo by Chris Smith

Local says Faircloth is in a good spot

10:09 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

Just took a 5-minute airboat ride on land -- well marsh. My driver T-Roy Broussard said he just put us on the best spot in the area. He should know, after 40-plus years of fishing out here. That's probably why Todd Faircloth is about 150 yards from us. He's about to work a patch of grass in the middle of this flat. He's got five fish now, obviously happy. And not a second before I type this, he just boated what looks like a 3-pounder. He's happy, for sure!!

Bass are in a different mood

10:04 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

I just had a brief conversation with Alton Jones right after he put his first keeper in the boat. Jones has also caught several short fish recently.

"These fish have changed today," Jones said. "They aren't in the thick stuff like they were yesterday. They're spawning. You can't see them, but that's what is going on.

"I'm fishing more out, and I've changed baits from that Woolly Bugger to a Yum Dinger. They're eating it. I'm going to catch a big one in a minute."