2013 Elite Series Sabine River Challenge Presented by STARK Cultural Venues
Sabine River System - Orange, TX, Mar 14 - 17, 2013

2013 Sabine River Challenge Live Blog

Faircloth with his first of the day

9:17 am CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Photos by Cade Durio.

Hanging with the Cajun Baby

9:14 am CDT, Mar 15, 2013

We caught up with Cliff Crochet this morning. He finished Day One sitting at No. 3 on the leaderboard. He's fishing some little canals right now. Pete Ponds is just around the corner, and just caught a small fish he tossed back in.


Gary Klein is nearby as well.


Cliff has no keepers so far today. He joked with us a little bit, but mostly he's staying quiet and focused right now.


Morizo in action

9:13 am CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Photos by Buzz Boyd.

The passing Lane

9:09 am CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Try as we might, we "wordsmiths" don't put things in as great a perspective as the anglers who are out here walking the walk, talking the talk, so to speak. So I'll just offer you this exchange, a snippet from a conversation I had this morning from no less an authority than 2012 Bassmaster Classic winner Chris Lane. We caught up for a moment to discuss this tournament and the huge expanse of water these guys are attempting to cover this week.


Me: "Chris, things were a bit rough for most of you guys out there yesterday. Do you plan on changing things, up, running to a different spot?"


Chris Lane: "Running? Yeah, I think I gave new meaning to running. I went from seeing bass and alligators to redfish and dolphins. This place is vast."

Bill Lowen lands his first keeper of Day Two

8:30 am CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Grigsby gets an early start

7:54 am CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Shaw Grigsby with first keeper of the day! Photo by Steven Morris.

Boats gather for Day Two launch

7:18 am CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Day One weigh-in crowd

4:53 pm CDT, Mar 14, 2013

(Editor's note: Jim sent us this photo update, taken at the beginning of the weigh-in. So great to see so many fans joining us!)


The crowd at today's weigh-in is huge! Estimated at over 2,000 and growing.


Mercer and Weldon greet fans at weigh-in

3:43 pm CDT, Mar 14, 2013

Day 1 weigh-in begins with B.A.S.S. emcee Dave Mercer (left) and B.A.S.S. Tournament director Trip Weldon proclaiming their joy to the crowd about the beautiful Orange, Texas, weather and the fan's enthusiasm.


3:40 pm CDT, Mar 14, 2013
| By Ken Duke


Looks tough on the Sabine today — maybe record-setting tough. In case you're wondering (I was, at least after Bassfan asked me the question), the record for most anglers zeroing on a competition day in Elite history is 20. That's how many Elites came to the scales empty-handed on the first day of the 2006 tournament on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. There were 101 anglers competing that day, so almost 20 percent of the field started with a big goose egg. Maybe that record falls today. No other day in Elite history was nearly that tough.