2013 Elite Series Sabine River Challenge Presented by STARK Cultural Venues
Sabine River System - Orange, TX, Mar 14 - 17, 2013

2013 Sabine River Challenge Live Blog

Lane proves to be a prophet

1:22 pm CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Shaye Baker and I spent a couple of hours on the Sabine River today, saw a bunch of Elite Series anglers and no fish catches. So we decided to hang out with Chris Lane for our last 30 minutes. Lane said he had two fish in the boat - one good one, about 3 pounds and another about

1 1/2 pounds.


We did see Lane catch a short fish. We were about to head in when Lane said, "Hang on a minute, and I'll catch a 2-pounder for you."


He liked the looks of the mat coming up in front of his boat. And, right on cue, Lane delivered. Although the fish didn't quite weigh 2 pounds, it was a keeper.


That's three fish for a still-smiling Chris Lane.

Swindle getting dialed in

1:15 pm CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Photo by Dustin Cash.

Marty with a big one

1:13 pm CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Marty Robinson conquers a 5 pounder!  Photo by Robert Dupree

Vinson's got three

1:12 pm CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Greg Vinson is back at it after putting bass No. 3 in the boat. Photo by Michael Pate.


Game changer for the G-Man

12:40 pm CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Bill Lowen is on fire

12:35 pm CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Myers is kicking up mud

12:25 pm CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Britt Myers is kicking up mud in the backwaters of the Sabine. Photo by Josh Cooley.


Lowen's on No. 3

12:23 pm CDT, Mar 15, 2013

It's No. 3 for Bill Lowen. Photo by Doug Guins.


Starks lands one

12:11 pm CDT, Mar 15, 2013

Jeremy was hoping this one was 14", but it was a little short. Photo by Josh Smith. 

Holy (Not so Toledo!)

12:09 pm CDT, Mar 15, 2013

I was happy to see Michael Iaconelli give a thumbs up after what appears to be a run-in with some trees here in the Orange, Texas, area. I've been there, done that. Stay strong, Ike!!