2013 Elite Series Sabine River Challenge Presented by STARK Cultural Venues
Sabine River System - Orange, TX, Mar 14 - 17, 2013

2013 Sabine River Challenge Live Blog

Fishing kids

12:24 pm CDT, Mar 17, 2013


Day 4 of the Sabine River Challenge is playing out right in the backyard of these kids. Three of the Top 12 anglers (Rojas, Jones and Kriet) are fishing within sight distance. And this little trailer park is a buzz of excitement -- particularly during the 15 minutes the helicopter was circling the area (our cameramen for bassmaster.com and ESPN were in it). These kids were running around like the Easter Bunny was about to arrive. All proclaimed they loved to fish, and I suspect this event might get them doing it even more.

Lowen lands another one

12:21 pm CDT, Mar 17, 2013

Another view of the bridge

12:04 pm CDT, Mar 17, 2013


Dean Rojas has now moved downstream from where he caught the 5-pounder, above the bridge.

But the crowd on the bridge is getting bigger.

McClelland catching shorts

12:01 pm CDT, Mar 17, 2013

Brandon Card boats a 4-pounder

11:57 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013


Photo by Chuck Cobb

Rojas with a 5-pounder

11:54 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013


Dean Rojas just landed a 5-pounder. In this photo you'll see the crowd, about 28 strong, firing up with cheers and clapping. Rojas showed a lot of emotion himself, pumping his fist and shouting. He caught the fish in the same little area he and Jones have been probing for days. About an hour earlier Jones caught a small male bass in the same spot and said he suspected the female was close by. That fish gives Rojas a solid chance of retaining the lead.

The view from the bridge

11:49 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013


The Bayou D'Inde bridge near Sulphur, La., has become a popular viewpoint for bass fishing fans. Dean Rojas can be seen in the distance.

However, not everyone knows there's a bass tournament going on today. One man drove over the bridge, then pulled over in a nearby parking lot.

"What's going on around here?" he asked me.

After I explained, he said, "I'm just glad they're not looking for a body or something."

Then he got back in his vehicle and drove away. He might have stuck around if he'd heard the roar from the crowd moments later when Rojas landed a 5-pounder.

Faircloth fishing really shallow

11:45 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

Todd Faircloth is still in this same bayou, which appears to be about 100 yards wide. From what I can see, he's in very shallow water, maybe a foot or two deep. He's throwing often, but has been quiet for a while now. He's in good shape, with a limit we're guessing is 14 pounds, maybe a pound heavier. Swimbaits. Senko works in succession. The wind is really blowing strong now, straight out of the south.

Bill Lowen catches a 4-pounder

11:43 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013

Card slinging a buzzbait

11:36 am CDT, Mar 17, 2013