2013 Elite Series Ramada Quest Bull Shoals Lake - Bull Shoals, AR, Apr 19 - 22, 2013

2013 Ramada Quest Live Blog

Brian Snowden with an early limit

9:15 am CDT, Apr 21, 2013

Brian Snowden with an early limit now works to try and upgrade his catch (Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Bob King).

Vinson on fish

9:08 am CDT, Apr 21, 2013

Vinson is in the middle of them. He's caught two largemouth on back-to-back casts. Neither kept. One was "short and fat," according to Vinson. The fish, though, seem to be moving up and/or biting.


Steve Isley, my boat driver this week, says this a really good area to be in. This is mainly largemouth and spotted bass country.

Reed and Shimizu in same area

9:04 am CDT, Apr 21, 2013

We just found Morizo Shimizu catching his first bass of the day. He has a lot of catching up to do.


Matt Reed is directly across the creek. He says he has three "Bull Shoals cookie cutters" in his livewell. Looks like he's dragging something.

Vinson hooks up with big (white) bass

8:54 am CDT, Apr 21, 2013

Vinson made a cast to the juice and immediately hooked up. You could tell by how his body language set up it was a good one.


But it turned out to be a big white bass.


"I thought that was one of those good ones," he said. "He didn't make one of those quick runs they normally do."


The biggest factor in all of that is the debris has moved enough for him to work his bait where he needs to get it to get bit.

Snowden on track

8:52 am CDT, Apr 21, 2013

BASSTrakk currently shows Brian Snowden in second place. Snowden is from this region and has loads of experience fishing Ozark Mountain lakes. Many of the pros predicted that he would be a contender here. They were right.


Although it is warmer this morning, the breeze is keeping all the pros, writers, photographers, observers and boat drivers bundled up. Thank goodness for wind-blocking rain gear. It's more important to fishing success than your favorite rod and reel.

Vinson fishing his main spot

8:48 am CDT, Apr 21, 2013

Vinson has made it out to his primary area. Between what he did with his boat and the wind it appears as if most of the debris has moved to the back of the pocket he was in. He's slowly working his juicy area now with little trouble.

Evers boats a smallie

8:46 am CDT, Apr 21, 2013

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Mark Woods

Getting windy

8:43 am CDT, Apr 21, 2013

The wind is blowing now. Not a whole, just an almost perfect breeze if you are fishing.


For Vinson, though, it could be a blessing or a curse. All that debris he moved with his boat is being pushed back to his bank


He's spent the last hour in the back ifs pocket and we are ahead of him coming out. We can see it building on the bank.


That could be a good thing since he's fishing just off the bank. It could be a bad thing if it builds up and out over his spot.

J. Todd Tucker lands one

8:40 am CDT, Apr 21, 2013

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Lance Roe

Scroggins boats a 3-pound smallmouth

8:32 am CDT, Apr 21, 2013

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Tim Dail