2013 Elite Series Ramada Quest Bull Shoals Lake - Bull Shoals, AR, Apr 19 - 22, 2013

2013 Ramada Quest Live Blog

Roumbanis loads the livewell

8:35 am CDT, Apr 22, 2013

Scroggins' trifecta

8:17 am CDT, Apr 22, 2013


Terry Scroggins just boated his third keeper. He's completed the trifecta. He has a smallmouth, largemouth and a spot. All total, they weigh about 5 pounds.


"I've got to get rid of all of them," he said. "But they are getting about ready to start biting."

Checking in with Boom Boom

8:08 am CDT, Apr 22, 2013

Not far from Scroggins latest spot, Fred Roumbanis is fishing. Scroggins made another short move and we took the time to check in with Roumbanis.


He has two for about 5 1/2 pounds, one of those is a 3 1/2 pound spotted bass he called a "bonus."


"I've not been catching anything until about 1 pm," he said. "If I can get another one of those it could be a real big day."


We're back on Big Show at the moment. But we'll keep an eye on Boom Boom Roumbanis.

Scroggins' tour

7:55 am CDT, Apr 22, 2013

Scroggins has made his biggest move so far.


He told us "let's move across the lake and go catch some."


Scroggins has the fastest boat on tour. He never got out of sight but by the time he was pulling in a 2-pound black.


That gives him two in the well for 3 1/2 pounds.


His prophecy of catching some was dead on.

Scroggins hitting the high points

7:40 am CDT, Apr 22, 2013

Terry Scroggins has made three or four moves this morning. While most of our finalists seem to have settled on an area and are staying close, Scroggins, at least in these opening hours, appears to be on a fishing trip. He's hitting spots, running to the next one, chasing breaking fish and doing whatever seems natural. He may get somewhere eventually and bear down but right now he's just hitting some high points. 

Scanlon struggling?

7:38 am CDT, Apr 22, 2013

Casey Scanlon is struggling, according to Mark Zona who is in the boat with Casey.


Scanlon started on the same spot that he has started on all week. He has one small keeper as of right now but it's a line burner smallmouth and not one that he wants to weigh in.


He hasn't been waiting for any "feeding window" like a lot of the guys this week. His fish are eating and eating often. He's caught 20 to 30 keepers a day by 10 a.m., and it's starting to look like that number has dwindled


You have to face a puzzling predicament on Bull Shoals right now — how to manage your fish. If you cull, you're culling by ounces. But with only 12 ounces between Scanlon and his nearest competitor, ounces are huge.


He's had to sift through a lot of keeper fish to get his daily weight; and if some of the other anglers struggle, those 2 1/2-pound fish that he culled the last three days could be all he needs to clinch the win. The only problem: They have sore lips and a bad taste in their mouth.

Warmer weather on the horizon

7:21 am CDT, Apr 22, 2013


The pocket where Terry Scroggins is fishing has a water temperature of 54.8 degrees. That's about 4 to 5 degrees cooler than the upper part of the lake where I've spent the rest of the derby.


I'm sure it will climb today considering the warm weather we are expecting. This lower end could be a little behind the upper end. 

Scanlon's weapon of choice

7:14 am CDT, Apr 22, 2013

Casey Scanlon's main weapon this week — a 3.5 Luck "E" Strike tube. 

Zero for Scanlon ... so far

7:10 am CDT, Apr 22, 2013
| By Mark Zona

Casey Scanlon is stunned at how slow his spot is — zero fish and slightly worried.


I'm riding along with Scanlon this morning, and it looks like Scanlon might be experiencing his first curveball of the event. You saw Greg Vinson strike out yesterday after finding his primary hole trashed with debris and his fish pulling a vanishing act.


Consistency has been the hardest thing to obtain this week, and thus far Scanlon had tamed that obstacle. He's going to have to catch them again today, though.


One thing in Scanlon's favor: knowledge. He's one of the most knowledgable anglers in this field on this fishery and that should help him stay ahead of the curve. We'll see. 

No takers for Scroggins

7:09 am CDT, Apr 22, 2013

Scroggins just made an interesting move. After boating his keeper, he hit the trolling motor on 36 high and started chasing a pod of schooling fish.


I asked him if he had caught any of those yet. He said "no, but wouldn't that be fun."


It's interesting to note that Greg Vinson was actually catching part of his stringer on breaking fish. The fish would break

behind him and he'd wheel around and fire his jerkbait to the boil. We watched him catch three like that on Day Two.


Today, Scroggins doesn't have any takers. He quickly idles to another point and is back to casting at the bank.