2013 Elite Series Ramada Quest Bull Shoals Lake - Bull Shoals, AR, Apr 19 - 22, 2013

2013 Ramada Quest Live Blog

Greg Hackney has one

6:45 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013

First catch sent to us this morning- Greg Hackney with a 2 lb-er. Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Jeff Hamilton. 


6:29 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013

While riding in one of the chase boats yesterday, we went into a creek I fished the last time I was at Bull Shoals. That was in 1988.


I was here to fish the Bassmaster Arkansas Invitational which happened in mid October.

In those days pros drew pros and there was a lot of coin flipping going on to determine who got to use their boat, whose water to fish first and other sordid details. Thankfully, that stressful format is a thing of the past.

Gary Klein won that stingy three-day tournament running away. It took only 30 pounds to claim top honors. I finished 21st with 12-9.


Klein was doodle worming for spotted bass 60 feet. Back then, it was ground breaking stuff for bass anglers east of the Rockies. Klein is so catching them good at this Bull Shoals tournament 25 years later.


Keep your eyes on Klein, he could pull it off again.

Chip Porche' is ready

6:19 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Bill McNutt.

Day Two is here

6:15 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013

The wind slacked off last night, which bodes well for the pros that are sight fishing. Dean Rojas struggled yesterday and said the wind and rising water level prevented him from seeing his fish.


It's a subfreezing, scrape-your-windshield morning, but it's more comfortable than yesterday with the kinder, gentler wind.


Then again, less wind may undermine pros that are power fishing. I saw many of them casting and winding yesterday. One of them is among the leaders. I'm sure they would like the wind to continue howling to make things difficult on the sight fishermen.


With the weights so tight, every pro must be brainstorming how to catch one or two bigger kicker bass that will separate them from the pack.


If conditions are favorable for seeing bass, the sight fishermen will have a distinct advantage in the kicker bass realm.

Another KVD shot

6:20 pm CDT, Apr 19, 2013

Another nice catch picture from Marshal Lance Roe!

Ike snaps rod

6:12 pm CDT, Apr 19, 2013

Mike Iaconelli snapped his rod catching this keeper. (Photo by Richard Kiblinger) 

KVD boats nice smallie

5:19 pm CDT, Apr 19, 2013

Marshal Lance Roe submitted this photo of a nice smallie boated by KVD on Day One at Bull Shoals.

Hawk's 3 1/2-pounder

2:46 pm CDT, Apr 19, 2013


Kevin Hawk lands a 3/12-pounder late on Friday. Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Scott Adkins.

Kevin Hawk not finding the big bite

2:34 pm CDT, Apr 19, 2013

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Scott Adkins.

Overstreet scores again

2:26 pm CDT, Apr 19, 2013


In my frequent travels with photographer James Overstreet, I've heard this a million times: "Hey, check out this shot I got of (whatever)."


It's always worth taking a look, as was the latest example above. Overstreet had the big motor running - moving from one Elite Series angler to another in a "major creek at the lower end of the lake," when he saw an osprey make a dive into Bull Shoals around 10 o'clock this morning


So Overstreet shut it down and grabbed his Canon 5D Mark II with a 300 mm, f2.8 lens and fired off a few shots.


The gizzard shad, already bleeding from an initial osprey talon wound, appears to be thinking, "What the %#*$?"