2013 Elite Series Ramada Quest Bull Shoals Lake - Bull Shoals, AR, Apr 19 - 22, 2013

2013 Ramada Quest Live Blog

Porche' catching them

8:51 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013

Bassmaster Marshal Bill McNutt shows us Chip Porche's second catch of the day. 

Cliff Prince with 9 lb

8:50 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013


Cliff Prince is fishing well offshore and has a limit that will go 9 pounds. There is a very slight ripple on the surface that isn't enough to make power fishermen happy.

Prince is not power fishing.

Today is opening day of turkey season in Arkansas. We've heard one gobble and one shotgun blast.

Clear Water Today on Bull Shoals

8:46 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013

Water clarity amazing. Marshall Bill McNutt

Shimizu Lands a Meanmouth

8:39 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013


Shimizu catches bass number four, a Meanmouth. The bass is a cross between a smallmouth and a largemouth.

It's important to know the difference because the length limit for a Meanmouth is 12 inches and 15 inches for a smallmouth.

KVD #4

8:35 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013


4 in the well for KVD. A nice 1.75 lb smallie.

Vinson With a Keeper

8:20 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013


Vinson is mixing it up trying to fire the fish up this morning. He popped a couple quick but only one kept. He's swapped rods and baits 5 times since then.

He just set the hook on keeper number two and put it in the boat. This fish showed itself by breaking the surface. He turned and cast to it and then the fight was on.

"I feel like I'm on Clarks Hill," Vinson said. Clarks Hill is notorious for roaming bass.

"The wind had them pushed up against the bank yesterday and they're just roaming around today."

The wind that blew 20-30 mph yesterday is non-existent today. Flat calm conditions threaten to shake up the leader board but Vinson's off to a good start and the Rooster won't go down without a fight.

Kurt Dove is catching them

8:18 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013

Another for Kurt. Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Perry Johnson. 

Shaw's first catch of the day

8:13 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013

Shaw Grigsby's first catch of the day. Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Jim Beavers. 

KVD with #3

8:11 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013


KVD with #3 .  A 1.75 lb-er small mouth.  Fog is getting  worse.

Japan's Iaconelli

8:09 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013

We found Morizo Shimizu fishing in bright early morning sunlight. He is just off the main lake and the water is still. Things are looking up for the sight fisherman.


Shimizu is not sight fishing. Seigo tells me that Shimizu is Japan's Michael Iaconelli. Shimizu hasn't had anything to scream about yet.


His colorful blue and yellow wrap really pops in the early sunlight.

Shimizu sets the hook and gingerly works a nice bass to the boat. He scoops the bass into the boat. It's his third keeper.