2013 Elite Series Ramada Quest Bull Shoals Lake - Bull Shoals, AR, Apr 19 - 22, 2013

2013 Ramada Quest Live Blog

Greg Vinson has left the building

12:07 pm CDT, Apr 20, 2013


We ran on a scouting mission to find other boats and when we returned, Vinson had vanished.

This game is all about what's between your ears. Decisions make and break a fisherman. Hopefully this one was the right one for Vinson. We'll find out in a few hours.

Britt Meyers Feelin' Good

12:06 pm CDT, Apr 20, 2013


Britt Meyers is in the back of a creek that has a nice riffle on the surface.

"I've got 13 or 14 pounds," he says.

The  he promptly catches a keeper on spinning gear and releases it.

He claims he has been doing a lot of running the past two days. It doesn't appear that anyone is camped on a concentration of bass. For now, it's all about picking off one here and a few there.

We have yet to see anyone sight fishing. If that opportunity is going to happen today, it needs to happen soon.

Keith Combs has 4

12:02 pm CDT, Apr 20, 2013


Keith Combs has 4 but they're nothing like 4 of his Falcon fish from his Elite Series win a couple weeks ago. These are all small spots.

He's working feverishly around a shallow pocket trying to trigger a reaction bite, periodically yielding to a worm for a cast or two.

The bite is tough on day two for the guys that are "just fishing". We haven't seen a lot of sight fishing up the lake where we are due mostly to off colored water.

It will be interesting to see how the sight fishermen fair in this slick conditions. There's an extra 2-3 feet of cold water over their heads but outside of that, these are the best conditions they could hope for.

Bull Shoals is fickle

11:52 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013
| By Ken Duke

Seeing Brandon Palaniuk in 98th place after winning here last year got me thinking about how the other top finishers in 2012 were faring in 2013. The answer is “Not so great.”


Of last year’s top 12, only two would make that group so far this year. Brent Chapman was fifth in 2012 and is eighth after Day 1 this year. Cliff Pace was sixth; now he’s third. Britt Myers was the runner-up in 2012, and he’s strong again this year. Right now he’s 23rd.


The rest of last year’s top 12 wouldn’t even make the first cut at the end of Day 1 in 2013. Matt Herren was third in 2012; he’s 79th this year. Edwin Evers was fourth; now he’s 51st. Bobby Lane has fallen from seventh to 70th. Scott Rook has dropped from eighth to 86th. Derek Remitz, Jason Quinn and Keith Poche have had similar tumbles. 

Vinson starting to slip

11:45 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013


The schooling fish that would break the surface around Vinson's boat this morning shut down shortly after we left. We just pulled back up to him and he said they had just come up.

He added two to the two we watched him catch earlier but that only gives him about 6 pounds. He's not looking overly excited about how things are going.

He's working one point over and over and keeping his whits about him but it's this time of day when the wheels start turning.

(Could I catch a good fish here or there? I might only get one bite, but it could be a good one. Should I run and try to cull up to 10 pounds and make sure I stay in the hunt?)

Who knows what's running through Vinson's mind right now but one thing's for sure, so far he's danced with who brought him. And if this school fires up again, it could get right in a hurry.

James Niggemeyer has #5

11:43 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013

Gerald Swindle throws them back

11:24 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013


Gerald "G-Man" Swindle casts over slick 59-degree water. He catches two bass on consecutive casts that he mediately tosses back.

He has 12 to 13 pounds in the box.

"You are the only other boat we've seen in here in two days."

Every so often he hunches down to shorten his profile. He isn't sight fishing. He does this because the water is so clear and calm.

Sight-fishing vs. just fishing

11:23 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013


It's sight-fishing vs. just fishing among the Elite Series field this morning, and the guys who are just fishing seem to be winning that battle, according to James "The Osprey" Overstreet.
Overstreet just had a conversation with Boyd Duckett, who is concentrating on the lower end of the lake. Duckett said the water surface temperature has dropped to 51 degrees there this morning, and he's not seeing nearly as many spawning fish as he did yesterday, even though the wind made it difficult to see anything Friday.
"Everybody that's just fishing seems to be catching 'em," Overstreet said.

Dennis Tietje Hits his Limit

11:12 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013


Dennis Tietje limits out on some nice smallmouth bass.  Marshal Bob King

Randy Howell is Sticking it Out

11:06 am CDT, Apr 20, 2013

"I need wind," says Randy Howell. "I've only got two little smallmouths.


He's making long casts parallel to a steep rocky bank with baitcasting tackle.


"I'm going to stick with this a little longer," Howell says. "I'd hate to have to break out the spinning tackle."