2013 Elite Series Plano Championship Chase Lake St. Clair/Detroit River - Detroit, MI, Aug 22 - 25, 2013

2013 Plano Championship Chase Live Blog

10:08am: Davis finds one

11:54 am EDT, Aug 25, 2013

Two hours of fishing is down the tubes for Davis and he still hasn't caught bass number one. He's starting to move about and hit other places not far from his sweet spot.

He hits a new spot, casts, and immediately sets the hook. The first bass of the day finally joins Davis in his boat. He measure the bass and drops it I his box.

Is the party starting?

Oh Yeah! Davis soon sets the hooks and is into a much better bass. He soon hauls aboard a 4-pounder.

Persistence pays.

9:38am: Davis has nothing, maybe feeling the pressure

11:52 am EDT, Aug 25, 2013

We've been watching Davis for 90 minutes and his livewell is still empty. He stops fishing for several minutes to rig tackle. Davis needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

For the first hour or so of the day, we could see Aaron Martens in the distance. He moved to several different areas before leaving. I suspect that he's also struggling to get bites.

Davis sets the hook and comes up empty. He drops his head and shrugs in frustration. Is his confidence beginning to crack?

8:42am: Davis off to slow start

11:51 am EDT, Aug 25, 2013

Davis has been at it for more than 30 minutes without a bite. His cameraman has been standing on point every second so as not to miss the first strike of the day.

The breeze has switched from the NE yesterday to the southwest this morning and is picking up. The waves aren't big enough to make the fishing challenging, but that is likely to change.

Davis moves a quarter mile so and fishes an area that we didn't see him fish yesterday.

Davis sets the hook. He's finally into one. His rod bows over for several seconds and suddenly goes limp.

Bass 1

Davis 0

He can't be pleased about this slow start.

8:08am: Davis on a misson

11:50 am EDT, Aug 25, 2013

Klotz shuts his outboard down in the middle of Lake Erie just as Mark Davis arrives at his primary smallmouth spot. The cameraman in Davis' boat fiddles with Davis' microphone as Davis commences casting. He pays no attention to the distraction. He's on a mission.

Jeremy Starks brings aboard one nice fish

11:32 am EDT, Aug 25, 2013

Photo by marshal Shawn Elliott.

Martens has four fish

11:27 am EDT, Aug 25, 2013

Aaron Martens has four bass in the boat, according to Steve Bowman. He's not certain about Martens' total weight - maybe 10 pounds.

Jeremy Starks brings in a keeper

11:12 am EDT, Aug 25, 2013

Photo by Shawn Elliott

Martens loses 4-pounder

11:10 am EDT, Aug 25, 2013
Aaron Martens has put two bass in his livewell today, but a 4-pounder just came unhooked at the boat, according to Steve Bowman.
Bowman's iPhone 5 seems to be the only device with the ability to communicate from where Martens is fishing - near the Pelee Islands on Lake Erie. (I couldn't get a signal from there yesterday with either an iPhone 4s with Verizon service, an iPad with ATT&T service or MiFi mobile signal booster.)
Bowman said the open water where Martens has fished all week is rough and getting rougher - worse than any of the three previous days, and Bowman has been out there for every one of them.

BassTrakk update

10:51 am EDT, Aug 25, 2013

Seeing a lot of the same issues today that we've seen all week with Basstrakk. Several of our top anglers including Martens and Davis are traveling through and fishing in Canadian waters. Unfortunately our Basstrakk units have spotty service over there. So Basstrakk, more so than usual, is unofficial and likely very inaccurate as we've heard nothing from The unit with Mark Davis since 7:30ish. The good news, once and angler returns to American waters the updates from all day should push through so as we move past noon we should start seeing more accurate data. We'll also be calling our on the water photographers who are with our leaders for updates on the War Room. Check back soon!

Japan represents

10:39 am EDT, Aug 25, 2013

In a tournament dominated by drop shotting, a finesse technique that originated in Japan, it seems fitting that Japanese anglers are posting the strongest showing the Elite series has ever witnessed from the Japanese contingent. Kotaro Kiriyama, Morizo Shimizu and Takahiro Omori all qualified for the final day in 5th, 7th and 9th place, respectively. Just out of the cut was Yusuke Miyazaki in 15th place. America's West Coast was the first to adopt this technique, and California's Aaron Martens is arguably the best in the world at the presentation. Martens not only drop shotted his way to his second Angler of the Year title, but put himself in position to win the event with the technique.