2013 Elite Series Diet Mountain Dew Mississippi River Rumble presented by Power-Pole
Mississippi River - La Crosse, WI, Jun 20 - 23, 2013

2013 Mississippi River Rumble Live Blog

Crochet had 4-pounder choke his frog!

12:46 pm CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Photo by Eric Johnston

Tucker feeling good about his day with 5 fish

12:41 pm CDT, Jun 22, 2013

BASSTrakk malfunction

12:39 pm CDT, Jun 22, 2013

A BassTrakk malfunction duplicated data and showed several erroneous fish catches for Chris Zaldain. After speaking with his marshal, we found that Zaldain in fact had only caught 4 keepers for around 12 pounds as of 12:30 PM. We are working to update BassTrakk now.

Grigsby has a smallie

12:27 pm CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Shaw Grigsby boats a smallie just shy of 4 pounds.

Photo by Bill Heller

McCaghren catches No. 5

12:24 pm CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Biffle eludes us

12:01 pm CDT, Jun 22, 2013

As we were heading back upriver toward the official ramp, we passed Biffle going in the opposite direction.

We did an about face and gave chase, but couldn't catch up to him.

The sun is out. It's warming and the pleasure boaters are coming out in droves. The smart phone is running on fumes. I'll be back blogging tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Billy McCaghren needs just one more

12:01 pm CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Miyazaki boats a big one

12:00 pm CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Martens on the move

11:45 am CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Aaron Martens finally decided to make a move -- but he didn't go far.

He moved about a mile down the Mississippi River, looking to drop that two-pounder he still has in his live well and make an upgrade.

Not long after he arrived at this spot, which is populated by a large boat dock, it appeared that Martens had the catch he seeks. Turns out it was big pike, however, so back into the water it went.

He'll keep plugging, as will we.

Marty Robinson talks to young anglers in the BHSEE

11:43 am CDT, Jun 22, 2013