2013 Elite Series Diet Mountain Dew Mississippi River Rumble presented by Power-Pole
Mississippi River - La Crosse, WI, Jun 20 - 23, 2013

2013 Mississippi River Rumble Live Blog

Card and Pace fish close

9:28 am CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Casey Ashley boats a Mississippi River stud

9:24 am CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Card catches No. 6

9:23 am CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Card catches an estimated 2 1/2-pounder

Photo by Alex Ebertowski

Rook behind boat docks

9:18 am CDT, Jun 22, 2013

We came upon Scott Rook just as he was boating a bass. It allows him to cull. He's fishing a riprap bank behind the docks with a slow bottom bait.

Rook is also casting the same bait to the docks, which are floating over deeper water. Jacobson steps onto the docks to get some close shots of Rook for the gallery.

I turn around and see Cliff Pirch fishing farther down along the same stretch of docks. Pirch is a very capable Western angler. He's also a skilled hunter. He killed a monster elk with a bow last year. He holds up four fingers when asked how many he has in his well.

Martens earns his limit

9:05 am CDT, Jun 22, 2013

All was quiet on this stretch of the Mississippi, and then Aaron Martens lit into another bass -- a heavy two or light-three pounder it seems. That gives him a limit for the day. We're guessing he has about a good 14 pounds right now, which should be heavy enough to keep him near the top of the leaderboard.

Yusuke Miyazaki starts culling

9:02 am CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Bobby Lane in our sights

8:56 am CDT, Jun 22, 2013

We left Biffle with four bass in his livewell and found Bobby Lane fishing a shoreline near a highway bridge busy with noisy traffic buzzing overhead.

Lane tells us he has four in the box but no big ones. He's moving fast close to the bank and pithing to wood cover.

Lane picks up a rod with a frog on the line and walks the bait with a lively cadence past some flooded bushes. He is a master with a frog. The bass aren't impressed. Lane switches bad to his flippin' stick.

Grigsby boats a possible 4-pounder!

8:55 am CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Photo by Bill Heller

Kevin Short is culling

8:53 am CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Photo by Mike Augustin

Short boats another nice one!

8:47 am CDT, Jun 22, 2013

Photo by Mike Augustin