2013 Elite Series Rigid Industries Falcon Slam
Falcon Lake - Zapata, TX, Mar 21 - 25, 2013

2013 Falcon Slam Live Blog

Big bass on the border

3:32 pm CDT, Mar 24, 2013

There's no better way of celebrating Falcon Lake than seeing, talking about and catching its enormous bass. Take a few minutes to read what Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine had to say about the renowned fishery.


Big Bass on the Border

Falcon is so hot, anglers can follow the smoke to the lake.
By Larry D. Hodge

A constant struggle takes place along the Texas-Mexico border, with millions of dollars at stake.

It’s a classic example of yin and yang, the dynamic interaction between seemingly opposite forces that are, in fact, interconnected and interdependent, one giving rise to the other. It’s not so much a struggle to win as a complicated dance of coexistence, a performance of life.

Falcon International Reservoir is the stage.

The anglers zooming around the lake armed with stout fishing rods spooled with strong line are more than just the audience for this performance. They are also part of the cast.

They are here to do battle with fish.

Big fish.

Big bass.

Read the rest of the article and see the big bass here.

Card up for a photo shoot

12:39 pm CDT, Mar 24, 2013

We ran into Brandon Card outside the Holiday Restaurant.


"I just got done with a glorious three-hour nap," Card said.


The young angler is refreshed enough he's looking for something to do.


The bowling alley is closed. So he's wondering if there's something to do in Laredo.


After several minutes of wondering and talking, he masterfully talked Shaye Baker into shooting some photos today for his sponsor use.


I think he's talked Baker into going fishing some where.


Nice to be young and energetic. Then again a "glorious nap" has a way of doing that.

Working at the car wash

12:09 pm CDT, Mar 24, 2013

I'm almost positive B.A.S.S. has never had an event in a more dusty environment. It's been relentless. When it's windy, it's terrible.


Dust gets in everything. So we weren't surprised to find Cliff Prince at the car wash, hosing off his truck.


We didn't have the heart to tell him the truck would be dusty and dirty again by sunset.


In the stall next to him is Jason Williamson. He's cleaning boat and truck.


"I know it'll just get dirty again," Williamson said. "But I just can't stand it. I may not catch a fish tomorrow, but at least I will feel clean."


Prince had similar feelings.


"I know I'll have to wash it again tomorrow," he said. "Makes me feel better today. "

Billy McCaghren: Do not disturb

11:58 am CDT, Mar 24, 2013

We found Billy McCaghren in one of the fish camps nearby.


We say we found him. His boat and truck were parked there. A rap or two on the door produced no reply.


We can only assume McCaghren is taking a well-needed nap. We won't bust that up.  We expect a lot of these guys are doing the same.

Crochet is "just chilling"

11:41 am CDT, Mar 24, 2013

We caught up with Cliff Crochet at his room at the Holiday Inn. He's laying on his bed, no shirt and watching television.

"I'm just chilling," Crochet said with his thick Cajun drawl. "I'm not answering phone calls, just texts and taking it easy."

Crochet, who is a borderline comedian, adds that if "anyone want any advice on how I got this body, have them call me."

He never moved as we snapped a few pictures and talked about tomorrow for a short time.

"With a full day of rest, I'm going to do well," he said.

Christie and Evers still fishing

11:28 am CDT, Mar 24, 2013

We have learned that Jason Christie and Edwin Evers can't get enough of fishing.


Instead of taking off, they've headed to Laredo to spend the day fishing a lake there.

What does an Elite angler do on a day that has been postponed?

11:26 am CDT, Mar 24, 2013

What does an Elite angler do on a s day that has been postponed?


We really don't know. So we are rummaging around Zapata trying to find out.


Our first stop was a house trailer near the take off. Parked outside is Boyd Duckett, Kelly Jordon and Gary Klein's boats.


We find them inside gathered around a television watching the Weather Channel. Klein is still in his jersey. Jordon is in his pajamas and Duckett is laid back in a t-shirt.


You would think there would be a lot of talk about fishing. Instead, Jordon is wishing someone had a shotgun so he could go shoot Eurasian collared dove at his lease nearby. There is no season or limit on them, so they are fair game.


The rest of the talk is just friendly chatter until Weather Channel comes with an update. Then it's all ears to the lady relaying the weather.

Almost each time someone has a weather story. Klein has a sack full of them, including an event on the Potomac that he was running away with until a Hurricane hit.

We are off to see who else we can find.

Postponed ... due to dust

7:40 am CDT, Mar 24, 2013

This is not how anyone in Zapata, Texas, was expecting to spend their morning.


I just got a note from the staff on-site in Zapata. It reads: "Official word is we are postponed until tomorrow due to dangerous winds."


See Steve Bowman's blog post this morning or listen to Jon Stewart's explanation to learn a little bit more about the weather. And I've already been told we'll have further explanation coming up.


And here's a comment from Trip Weldon: "The day has been canceled simply due to high winds with forecasts of increasing with higher gusts. Dust is around the weigh in area or near shorelines but really has no bearing on the decision. Safety of the competitors determined the cancellation and postponement until tomorrow."


This photo is from yesterday, when the dust and wind were uncomfortable, not dangerous.

Dust storm at launch will make for an unusual day

7:13 am CDT, Mar 24, 2013

I just showed up to the take-off area. There are a half dozen anglers who have their boats in the water. True to form, Rick Clunn was the first to launch.


This could be a day where none of that matters. The wind is howling, as strong as we've seen it.


None of these anglers are in their boats. They are all inside a truck. Outside, the dust is so thick it's hard to breathe.


I've been to take offs in snow storms, sleet storms, one hail storm and a bunch of regular old storms. I've never covered a tournament in a dust storm.


Starting out to be an interesting day. The wind is so strong, there is a possibility of either postponing the start or canceling the whole day.


The dust is one thing, but one local nearby said he's seen it like this before and it creates 12 footers near the dam.


If they fish, waves like that would be the death blow to Kieth Combs, if he could even get there.


If they cancel, Rick Clunn and his fans would forever be thinking "what if."


Don't know how this will turn out. But it's going to be an unusual day for sure.

Cliff Prince found the two crankbaits he lost just hanging out together

3:00 pm CDT, Mar 23, 2013