2013 Elite Series Rigid Industries Falcon Slam
Falcon Lake - Zapata, TX, Mar 21 - 25, 2013

2013 Falcon Slam Live Blog

Water temps decreased

11:05 am CDT, Mar 25, 2013


Rick Clunn slowly continues to work the incredible area that has produced so many giant Falcon Lake bass for him. I can't help but wonder if this cold weather has affected his spot; only time will tell. The one thing we do know is the electronics on our boat are showing a current water temperature of 65.8. During the last day of competition (Saturday), it was 70 to 71.

Klein: bite will turn on soon

10:59 am CDT, Mar 25, 2013

Gary Klein just told me the water is five degrees colder today. But he expects the bite to turn on soon. 

Christie with a 2-pounder

10:44 am CDT, Mar 25, 2013

We've pulled up on Jason Christie. He's fishing in between Crews and Clunn. Evidently if your name doesn't start with the letter "C" you can't fish in this creek. We're not here long when he boats a keeper in the 2-pound range. The wind is strong enough and I'm deaf enough I can't hear what he's saying. But that fish went into the well. I'm sure he hopes to get rid of it if he wants to climb up the standings.

We did hear him lament about missing a big fish that chased his jig as he was reeling it in.

Combs strategy

10:17 am CDT, Mar 25, 2013

Combs just made a small move over to where he, Jonathon VanDam and Fletcher Shryock went back and forth earlier in the tournament. It’s a big ledge that he’s cranking, most likely with a Strike King 6XD. He’s grinding the bottom, evidenced by the fact that he checks his line every 10 or so minutes. He reties every now and then, too. On his previous spot he was using a football jig and Carolina rig, but the crankbait has been the ticket thus far. He’s now tuning his crankbait so it’ll run straight. Our boat driver, Jerod Hawkes, says this area has a very prominent rockpile that usually holds a good fish or three.

Falcon Lake trivia

10:08 am CDT, Mar 25, 2013

Some Falcon Lake trivia to ponder:

  • Most people assume Falcon Lake is named after the bird. No so. The lake got its name from the village of Falcon that’s now under water. The village was founded by Jose Eugenio Ramirez, who named it after his wife, Maria Rita de la Garza Falcon.
  • The official name of the lake is Falcon International Reservoir. Almost two miles of the dam that hold back the Rio Grande are in the United States, and nearly three miles are in Mexico.
  • Some Elite pros are casting above underwater towns. Like the old village of Falcon, Zapata was relocated when the reservoir was filled. Our host community, “new” Zapata, is planning a commemoration, Zapata Rising, timed to hit the 60-year mark of the reservoir’s dedication in October 1953.

From my vantage point

9:57 am CDT, Mar 25, 2013


The wind is starting to pick up, and it's hitting the point John Crews is fishing nicely. But he may be in the same fix as everyone else if Keith Combs starts crushing them. Then 6-pounders won't be enough.


From my vantage point, Rick Clunn has either moved or lost most of his spectators. We are about 800 yards away, so it's hard to tell.


I just know from the blog that he's been struggling a bit.


Either way, this thing could go in any direction. Falcon is just that kind of place. 

Prince needs a ride

9:55 am CDT, Mar 25, 2013


Just finished digging Cliff Pince's spare key out from under his truck. Truthfully it wasn't his spare key but the key to get to his spare key (Prince needs to work on his spare key system).


Now I've knocked the 10 pounds of dust off my clothes, and Jon Stewart and I are about to head south to a ramp near the Falcon Lake Dam to swap my boat for Prince's.


Prince is about 30 minutes from the ramp and temporarily stranded. Not sure what sort of boat trouble he's had but we're doing all we can to get him a boat as soon as possible. We'll back with an update when we get there. 

Combs crushing 'em?

9:48 am CDT, Mar 25, 2013


Combs just boated a 3- to 3 1/2-pounder which gives him four fish that’ll go 22 and change. If Clunn is struggling, Combs is just two big bites away from a mid-30s-pound bag, which puts the ball in Clunn’s court, or possibly Evers.


My boat driver, Jerod Hawkes, says that with the winds we have at the moment (about 10 mph) the bite will be good. However, at about Noon or 1 o’clock, they open the dam’s gates just a hair which creates a bit of current; he says that Combs will start really crushing ‘em then. We’ll see.

Johnny Drama

9:44 am CDT, Mar 25, 2013

One of my favorite all-time TV shows is HBO's Entourage. A main character in that show is Johnny Drama, which may be a fitting nickname for Keith Combs if he can pull off a win today. His last major win was at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic on Lake Conroe.


Combs win in that event came via a sudden-death fish off with Mike Iaconelli. The last minute fish-off forced TV production crews and tournament staff to quickly come up with a game plan similar to what happened here yesterday morning. It seems like Combs has to have a little drama with all of his victories.


I asked him about that this morning; he laughed and told me he is ready to win one the boring way. 

Clunn attracting attention

9:41 am CDT, Mar 25, 2013


Here's the scene where Rick Clunn  is fishing this morning. He's in the familiar blue-green Nitro mid-frame. James Overstreet and Dave Mercer are just left of Clunn. Several other boats are gathering around. it's a beautiful day on Falcon Lake.