2013 Elite Series Rigid Industries Falcon Slam
Falcon Lake - Zapata, TX, Mar 21 - 25, 2013

2013 Falcon Slam Live Blog

Nearly a 10-pounder for Prince!

9:18 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Check out this 9 1/2-pounder for Cliff Prince early this morning!

Ott with a 6

9:03 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013
| By Ott DeFoe

Not bad for the first fish.

Shryock and Combs sharing space

9:02 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

We just arrived at the dam, and it is the place to be. Within a quarter mile, I can see Chip Porche', Fletcher Shryock, Skeet Reese, Greg Vinson, Jonathon VanDam, Cliff Prince, Boyd Duckett and J Todd Tucker.


Shryock and Combs were 4 feet from each other not too long ago. If they both cast simultaneously, they’d get crossed up. They’re working a ledge that starts in roughly 9 feet of water and tapers out into 24 or 25. They’re all bombing deep diving crankbaits (what? No long-lining?) and Shryock nailed a 7-pounder just before we got here. It’s interesting. Although Shryock and Combs are close – really close – no words have been exchanged. The pair exchanged words yesterday after the weigh-in, with Shryock telling Combs he’d be here in the morning, though Shryock wasn’t here until after noon. He told Keith that a better boat number would put him here earlier.


But, he’s not poaching. He was here in yesterday, after all.

Kelley Jaye is off to a good start

8:44 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Photo by Ruben Quintana

Bill Lowen with his first one of the day

8:35 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Making the connection

5:49 pm CDT, Mar 21, 2013

The Day One weigh in has concluded, and we saw some giant bass come across the stage. The problem? You may not have. We are very well aware that we experienced connectivity issues during the weigh in that prevented a lot of the live stream from working. Let me briefly tell you what's going on and how we're going to do better tomorrow.



The first thing working against us is location. Falcon is in a pretty remote part of the world, and despite having decent internet in downtown Zapata, once you go down to the boat ramp there's not much cellular connectivity. Your phone may work, sure, but sending a livestream of a weigh in over it? That requires more bandwidth.



We've run into this before, though. We have a backup plan- a satellite dish that can send the weigh in and photo galleries up to space, and back down to your computer. Unfortunately, today that piece of technology also had issues- it couldn't find the satellite!



So we were 0 for 2 today. Tomorrow, we hope to get that satellite working and also provide a recorded version of the weigh in, something that today's technical hiccups prevented. Speaking as one of the people involved in making sure you get to see the weigh in, I can promise you that having connection issues makes us sick to our stomachs, and we hope that you'll come back and see us do better tomorrow.

KVD's Day One big bass

5:29 pm CDT, Mar 21, 2013

Just to show you what these anglers are up against at Falcon Lake, this is KVD's big bass of the day - and he's tied for 34th place!


Kennedy lands another

3:10 pm CDT, Mar 21, 2013


Steve Kennedy has another fish get hung up before managing to land it. 

Kennedy hangs up a big one

1:57 pm CDT, Mar 21, 2013

Goes in after it.

...and gets it in the boat!

Bernie Schultz is culling

1:36 pm CDT, Mar 21, 2013