2013 Elite Series Rigid Industries Falcon Slam
Falcon Lake - Zapata, TX, Mar 21 - 25, 2013

2013 Falcon Slam Live Blog

Jaye works a nice fish in

10:47 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Cliff Prince's limit fish

10:41 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

A nice 5-lber. Cliff has 21 lbs so far.

Elias has to perform to stay another day

10:38 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

We just pulled up on Paul Elias, who won here in a giant and magical way in 2008. The giants and magic have abandoned him this go around.


He struggled a bit on Day One, and is in danger of being eliminated. He has to perform to stay another day.


Our timing was good. Elias only had a single keeper in the boat when we got here, but within the first few minutes he hooked up with a 4 pounder that put on a show for us before Elias could get a hand on him.



The fish finally came aboard with the appropriate "Thank you, Lord" following it.


Elias has two for about 8 pounds now. He has to stay on that pace to survive. But hes wanting to go much bigger to be a factor on Day Four.


I have 8, but I need 28 or 38, he said.

The dam crew

10:37 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

We’ve left the dam, and it was pretty quiet. Jonathon VanDam and Fletcher Shryock seemed to be working together, being mindful of each other’s line. However, they were still maneuvering around each other, negotiating the other’s boat. JVD has gone to a big football jig. We saw Stephen Browning up the lake a bit, and in his words, he’s “ still trying to come off this egg.” In other words, he still has yet to catch a keeper in this derby. Kevin Hawk is fishing within sight of the dam and has a small keeper. He’s fishing way up shallow in some scattered grass and buckbrush-looking trees.


There are also mesquite trees littering the bank. Biffle just buzzed past us, running into a creek. With Falcon laying north and south, these guys down here really need to milk the dam and other exposed areas for all they’re worth. When the wind blows from the north, the waves get to the point where a bass boat will get swamped in a hurry. It’s unfishable. Unless he’s got an ace up his sleeve in shallow water or protected area, Combs really needs to extend his lead today.

Cliff Pirch with another big one

10:34 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Jaye with another nice one

10:33 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Berryman predicts fireworks at Falcon

10:32 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Maybe one day all of us bass fishing writers will learn to ignore the
"poor-mouthing" that occurs every Wednesday during registration for an
Elite Series event. All the talk was about how Falcon Lake was so much
tougher now than it was then. Some of that is true.


But it's still the best bass lake in the North America. Dick Berryman
knows that better than anyone. He lives here now. Berryman and his
late wife, Penny, who died last September, are legends in this sport
and deserve a separate story. There will be one later today on


But for now, it's interesting to hear Berryman's take on the current
state of Falcon Lake:


"There guys hit the lake at the best time they could have possibly hit
it," said Berryman, during Thursday's weigh-in. "We're going to find
out what's here. These guys are good, you know.


"I think the bite turned-on three days ago. All the locals have been
talking about the fish suspended in the river. And everybody I know is
getting more bites in the last three days than they have in the last
six months."

Boyd busts a big one

10:29 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Duckett is fishing the riprap along the dam this morning within sight of Keith Combs and Jonathon VanDam, who are working a little farther offshore.


Duckett has three fish in the boat, but his most noteworthy is an 8-pound Falcon beast. She came on a big Senko rigged weightless and worked through the rocks.


Duckett is re-rigging here and said he has to often in order to keep from breaking off.


"Even with it weightless, it's hard to work through the rocks," he said. 

Third keeper for Poche

10:09 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Crochet catches a pig

10:06 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013