2013 Elite Series Rigid Industries Falcon Slam
Falcon Lake - Zapata, TX, Mar 21 - 25, 2013

2013 Falcon Slam Live Blog

Sporadic splashes

1:24 pm CDT, Mar 22, 2013

We’ve settled down on Jeremy Starks who’s got two 5 1/2-pounders and three smaller ones. “I’ve caught a blue million babies. I’ve got a point I can pull up on and catch 2-pounder after 2-pounder after 2-pounder.” All over the lake there are sporadic splashes, most of which look like a gar scooting along, then you’ll hear one with a distinct slurp. Starks, like everyone else, assumed they were gar until, on a whim, he fired a topwater out. “I threw that thing, and ‘bam!’ he smoked it. It was a giant, too. I got six or seven turns of the reel handle, then he came off. It was a giant.” No doubt he’s still got a topwater plug on deck. He’s got a Carolina rig in his hands, however.

Lowen with a big momma

1:12 pm CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Photo by Jim Gilbert

Lowen puts one in the boat

12:54 pm CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Photo by Jim Gilbert

Crochet has a limit

12:42 pm CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Cliff just got his limit. Approximate weight is 30-plus pounds.

Getting dunked

12:24 pm CDT, Mar 22, 2013

We’ve move uplake a bit to just south of Arroyo Diablo on  the Texas side of the lake. We’ve seen boats buzzing all over the lake. No one seems content with what’s happening, which is a whole lot of nothing. No one seems to stay in one place for morethan 10 or so minutes. We’ve caught up with Morizo Shimizu, who’s drying out after taking a dip in Falcon’s green algae-covered water. “I was trolling and hit a stump and I just went it!” In another unusual happening, Shimizu is throwing the old upside-down rod, or spinning tackle. He’s drop shotting a Bait Breath soft plastic. Jonathon VanDam just passed us heading north, so perhaps the dam bite is either dead or never happened. Or, maybe he’s sacked ‘em and is practicing for tomorrow when the dam bite will be difficult.

Ish, The Philosopher

12:16 pm CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Ish is steadily giving Fletcher advice.

His latest philosophy is: "If you feel it, you fish it."

That was in regards to the different type cover they were fishing.

Ish says Fletcher is over thinking it.

Moments later, Ish hooks up and lips a 4-pound-plus, yelling to Fletcher the whole time: "If you feel it, fish it!"

Ish is feeling it right now. That upgraded his stringer by 2 pounds.

Are you smiling?

12:14 pm CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Fletcher made a quick move up the lake. By the time we had caught up with him, he had limited out.


Those five, though, weigh only about 17 or 18. He settled down near Ish Monroe, his roommate on the tour.


Ish quickly began coaching.


"Are you smiling?" He yelled.


"Yea, I'm smiling," Fletcher said. "I wasn't this morning, though" referring to a turf battle between Fletcher and Keith Combs.


"Don't worry about that," Ish yelled. "Just do your thing."


Fletcher gave the appropriate "I'm good" and dove back into the trees that had yielded his last two keepers.

Shryock needs two more

11:53 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

We caught up to Fletcher Shryrock on the main lake. He's searching for a couple of shallow bites. He has three in the well that weigh around 14. That's with a 9-pounder.


"I'm hoping to get 20 pounds and then head back down the lake and hit the deeper fish," he said.


Not far from him is Fred Roumbanis, who told us he was having a bad day. 

Cliff Pirch

11:44 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Card boated another 4 pounder

11:25 am CDT, Mar 22, 2013

Walker and Card seem to be in a hot area.


Card just boated another 4-pounder giving him about 18 pounds with four fish. Walker boated another dink. Then pitched into a heavy tree, had what appeared to be a big one on, then his line broke.


That's the interesting thing about this lake. Every bite could stretch things out or just be small.