2013 Elite Series Rigid Industries Falcon Slam
Falcon Lake - Zapata, TX, Mar 21 - 25, 2013

2013 Falcon Slam Live Blog

Crochet opts for the "slow and steady" approach

9:54 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Crochet has put his second keeper in the boat. All together close to 8 pounds it appears.


Crochet spent some time wondering out loud about the dropping water, the mood of the fish, those type things. But eventually opted for the "slow and steady" approach. He gives himself that advice every once in a while. If he follows it, it looks like he's here for the long haul.

Clunn's key cast Friday

9:50 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Against his better judgement, Rick Clunn made a final cast to one spot
Friday - a place where he'd caught four 5-pounders on four casts
around 10 a.m. That gave him a limit of 5-pounders in the livewell,
and he thought it would be better to save the spot for Saturday rather
than beat it up anymore.


"I almost didn't make another cast," Clunn said. "I thought I was
going to hurt myself if I did."


But he did make one more cast, and it produced an 8-pound, 14-ounce bass.


That was the key moment in Clunn weighing 32-9 Friday, which moved him
from 79th place Thursday to 24th Friday. It was Clunn's heaviest
five-bass bag in his illustrious career.


Those five bass from that one spot all came on a Luck "E" Strike RC
Freak, a deep-diving square-bill crankbait that Clunn helped design.
The Freak will undoubtedly get another workout at some point today.

Stuck in the middle of Crochet and Tietje

9:40 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Dennis Tietje pulled up a few minutes ago about 200 yards from Crochet.


They are virtually doing the same thing. I can only imagine what it's like casting to this target-rich environment thinking every cast could yield a giant. That's some pretty cool fishing right there.


But now that I'm in the middle of these two, its borderline maddening. One is to my left, the other to my right. I'm trying to be in the right position to get a shot if either sets the hook.


I'm twisting my head so much, I look like in watching a tennis match.

Life of a camera boat driver

9:37 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Darrell Garza would rather be fishing Falcon Lake this week, but he's
having some fun as a camera boat driver for Steve Bowman. That's
Garza's iPhone photo of Cliff Crochet landing the 4-pounder earlier
this morning - the shot where the bass is visible over the top of the
outboard motor, framed by Bowman's orange shirt.


On Thursday morning, we were following Bill Lowen when he set the hook
while flipping shallow trees. Garza was looking through his iPhone for
a photo opportunity when Lowen's jig came flying behind his boat on
the missed hook-set and hit Garza in the chest. Garza hadn't seen it
coming. The incident brought a smile to his face. He thought it was
pretty cool to catch some Bill Lowen shrapnel during the course of


Garza fishes Falcon often. He said he's got a photo of him and his
wife fishing between pews inside the well-known flooded church house
on Falcon. At certain water levels, it's possible to get a bass boat
inside the church.


And it's been interesting for Garza to see which pros have ended up on
some of his best Falcon Lake waypoints.


Garza is from Pleasanton, Texas, near San Antonio, which is known as
"The City of Live Oaks and Friendly Folks." Garza fits the billing in
the "friendly folks" category. And he's getting pretty good with that
iPhone camera.

Kriet adds a 5-pounder

9:34 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

It keeps getting better for Zaldain

9:21 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Swindle hooks a short fish

9:20 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Clunn adds a nice 8-pounder to his collection

9:18 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Chris Zaldain is on the board

9:14 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Combs earns first keeper, more elbow room

9:11 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Combs puts down the crankbait for a moment and fishes a 10-inch worm. He immedately hooks up with a 5-pounder for the first keeper of day three. Now Shryock has left, and the local anglers are giving Combs a bit more elbow room.  More spectator boats --10 or so --have settled in.