2013 Elite Series Rigid Industries Falcon Slam
Falcon Lake - Zapata, TX, Mar 21 - 25, 2013

2013 Falcon Slam Live Blog

Duckett brings in a lunker

10:55 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Prince boats keeper No. 3

10:54 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Boyd reels in for a five fish limit

10:51 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Duckett fishing the shoreline

10:48 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Kevin Short boats No. 3

10:46 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

DeFoe wrestles one to the boat

10:46 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Slow and steady for Crochet

10:44 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Crochet is continually reminding himself of his approach. Like a lot of these anglers, even though they are catching awesome weights, they've had to grind them out.


Crochet just added his third. From our vantage point it was less than 3. But he's scratching them out.

Crochet ahead of schedule

10:41 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Crochet continues with his slow and steady approach, picking apart every piece of cover in front of him.


He just said he was ahead of schedule from yesterday when he produce a 30-pound plus bag.

"By this time yesterday I had had two bites and one in the Livewell," he said. "Today I've had two bites and two in the well."

He then explained we were entering a cove where he caught a 10 and a 7 since Thursday.

If he boats one of those again he will truly be ahead of schedule.

DeFoe's 4th fish of the morning weighing in at 5lbs

10:40 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

Angler updates: Combs, Kiriyama, Clunn and Shimizu

10:20 am CDT, Mar 23, 2013

We’ve arrived at the dam and found Keith Combs and Kota Kiriyama. So far neither are blowing the doors off. Rick Clunn, however, is blowing the whole house down. He apparently has 31-12 pounds already this morning. We’re en route at the moment, but first are stopping on Morizo Shimizu, who made a hard charge yesterday with 27 pounds and change. He appears to be culling as we’re pulling up. He’ll need another stellar day if he is to fish tomorrow. He’s up near the bank fishing in trees, which was the hot bite yesterday. He just told us he’s looking for “grande mamacita,” a play on his catch phrase “big mama!”