2013 Elite Series Rigid Industries Falcon Slam
Falcon Lake - Zapata, TX, Mar 21 - 25, 2013

2013 Falcon Slam Live Blog

Combs moving at frantic pace

2:50 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013

Combs has just moved a short ways to the east, farther away from the dam. Every movement he makes is at a frantic pace. He slams the trolling motor down – not out of anger – then throws his life jacket over his shoulders and jumps down into his seat with each move. He’s just now picked the trolling motor up and is heading farther north, toward the ramp, to a spot past Tiger Creek. He’s not content with what’s in his well at the moment and just before he headed north told us he’s going to catch a 9-pounder.

Clunn culling again

2:44 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013

Another bite and another cull for Rick Clunn. These culls are just for ounces but remember this is Falcon Lake and as long as he is still getting bite anything can happen.

Clunn heating up

2:36 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013

Rick Clunn has now caught three fish in the last 20 minutes. He just landed an estimated3-pounder, which allowed him to dump a 2-pounder.


In the photos attached, you can see Clunn swinging his latest catch in the boat, then releasing the smaller bass over the gunnel.

Clunn also has time on his side. He's fishing less that five minutes from the ramp. Keith Combs is fishing near the dam. That should give Clunn an extra half-hour to fish. Check-time is 3:15 p.m.


Drama at Falcon Lake

2:21 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013

Watching all of this take place, I can't help but think about how unusual some of this is. By all accounts, Keith Combs is about 3-pounds ahead of Clunn. In any other tournament at almost any other venue, the fat lady would be clearing her throat for the final song. But she's not anywhere near singing at this moment. That is unique in it's own right.

There's an hour left to go in this derby and the nervousness, from the anglers to the bloggers and I assume those reading, is thick enough to slice. A 3-pound margin is substantial, but can be wiped away like an after thought with one big bite, or in Combs' instance, his margin could grow to uncatchable. 
Regardless of which way that margin tips, (if it tips) this event, this last day, has been one for the ages. Nothing like a little drama to start off the week.

Clunn and the final hour

2:19 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013


Less than a minute after I sent my last post about Clunn, he hooks up with a big fish. However, this one wrapped him in a tree; he kicked his trolling motor on high and went after it but it broke him off.


Right now we are officially down to the final hour of fishing.

Reese joins Clunn fan club

2:17 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013


Skeet Reese is on Falcon Lake today doing a photo shoot for one of his sponsors, and he has officially joined the Rick Clunn fan club.


Ten minutes ago he pulled up and joined the group of spectator boats watching Clunn. This is just another sign of how much respect anglers have for this dude. 

Clunn culling too

2:12 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013

Rick Clunn hooks up again on his Squarebill. This fish looks to have culled him up at least a 1/2 lb. It really is starting to feel like he is going to get at least one more shot at a big fish today. His bites are coming more and more frequently.

Combs culling

2:08 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013


Keith Combs has just spent about an hour away from the dam. “I ain’t on ‘em,” he said. He ran up to the mouth of Tiger’s Creek, fished the points there, and is now back cranking the dam. He’s on the same ledge, but what he doesn’t know is that two locals just left this exact spot throwing the exact same bait. He’s sitting on 23 pounds and change and is nervous. He likely assumed that Clunn is stroking ‘em, which he’s not, but Clunn has no doubt hit his stride. This’ll be a “good’er”. Combs just upgraded, but only by a few ounces which, at this point, could be worth $100,000.

Clunn back in race with 7-pounder

1:56 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013

Rick Clunn just announced in a big way that he's going to be in this thing until the end, if you had any doubts. He just landed a 7-pounder . But James Overstreet and Dave Mercer are right there with him, so they'd know best.

Shaye Baker is estimating he's got a five-bass limit now, weighing between 20 and 23 pounds.That's a guess, but he's got way more than BassTrakk is showing him with now. Communication has been difficult


Clunn lands a hog!

1:42 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013

As the sun heats up so does Rick Clunn's bite. He just hooked into a giant bass on a Squarebill at the very edge of his wood line. After a long fight he finally laid his hands on a pig that looks to weigh at least 7lbs. This gives him a limit with at least an hour and a half of fishing time left to cull up.