2013 Elite Series Rigid Industries Falcon Slam
Falcon Lake - Zapata, TX, Mar 21 - 25, 2013

2013 Falcon Slam Live Blog

Combs, Clunn, Crews top 100 pounds

4:59 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013

With Monday's largest bag of 29-7, John Crews topped the century mark with 103-13. Just missing was Josh Bertrand at 99-2 after a stellar 27-2 bag.


Others close to reaching it were Cliff Prince (18-14 Monday, 95-9 total), Edwin Evers (15-11, 94-10), Brandon Card (19-13, 94-5), and Jason Williamson (17-6,94-2).


Second-place Rick Clunn's 23-2 final day weight topped it to the tune of 105-6, and Falcom Slam winner Keith Combs brought in 28-2 for his total of 111-5.


All remained far back of the 132-8 Elite Series weight record set by Paul Elias five years ago on Falcon.

Crochet weighs in

4:33 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013


Cliff Crochet caught three fish total for 10 pounds. His overall: 82-6.

Crews surprises as weigh-in

4:31 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013


John Crews surprised everyone with 29-7. He had two hogs in the 8- to 9-pound range. His total was 103-13

McCaghren weighs 80-14

4:22 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013


Billy McCaghren weighs in four fish for 8-10 and 80-14 overall.

Christie weighs in on Day Four

4:21 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013


Next up is Jason Christie, another rookie, who is fishing his first final day in his start-up year.


Christie's day was not nearly as strong as we are sure he would like. He weighed in two fish for 3-2. 

Bertrand at the scales

4:03 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013


Josh Bertrand is the first up in today's weigh in.


He's a rookie and in just his second event.


He's had a great day, weighing in 27-2. Giving him just six ounces shy of 100 pounds. 

Four decades and counting

3:11 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013
| By Ken Duke

If Clunn can pull this one out, he'll be the only angler in B.A.S.S. history to win at least one tournament in five different decades — the 1970s, '80s, '90s, 2000s and '10s. How many other athletes even compete in five decades, much less compete at the top level and win? The anglers who have won in three different decades are Tommy Biffle, George Cochran, Woo Daves, Paul Elias, Shaw Grigsby, Davy Hite, Alton Jones, Roland Martin, Tommy Martin, Larry Nixon, Zell Rowland, Ron Shuffield, Kevin VanDam and David Wharton. Gary Klein and Denny Brauer have won in four. Now Clunn has a chance to win in each of five different decades dating back to his very first B.A.S.S. win at the 1976 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Guntersville.

Way too close to call

3:01 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013

I'm still trying to decide if I'm in a dream or what. There is less than one half hour left in this derby. All of Clunn's spectators have left him. Most of my eyes on him have started in to get ready for the weigh in.


The only person out there is Clunn, Wes Miller (our cameraman) and James Overstreet. I just got a call from JO.


"Dude, he just caught a 6-pounder."


That will cull for him and will wipe out the margin that Combs had on him and could push him to the lead on BASSTrakk. If it was too close to call before, it certainly is now.

Clunn's last minute heroics

3:00 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013


Look out! Rick Clunn is pulling some last minute heroics. He just boated a 6-pounder that will help big time.

Tale of the tape

2:51 pm CDT, Mar 25, 2013


As these last-minutes start to wind down, you start doing the math in your head. Typically when we have a BassTrakk finish that is 1-pound in margin, it's too close to call.


This is obviously not a typical event. Combs has about 2-pound and change margin, according to BassTrakk. That could be dead on or heavier.


Things to consider: These pros will tell you that once a fish hits that 5-pound mark, they get increasingly hard to judge in size. A 7-pounder looks like 9 pounds to some, less than 6-pounds to others. These fish have been skinny all week. Lots of big heads, no bellies, making it even harder. As an example, I looked in Clunn's bag on Friday. There was nothing but pigs in there. I asked what he thought he had.


"I really don't know, maybe 30,'' he said.


He actually had 36. Combs has had similar experiences. Some of these weights are being judged by Marshals, others are being relayed by the pro to a cameraman or Marshal. Each and every one of them are nothing more than guesses. 


This one really is too close to call. The weigh-in will be the tale of the tape.