2013 Bassmaster Classic Grand Lake O' the Cherokees - Tulsa, OK, Feb 22 - 24, 2013

2013 Bassmaster Classic Live Blog

Howell hoping for a good practice in the snow

1:45 pm CST, Feb 16, 2013

Woke up on Day 2 of Classic practice to SNOW! Tried to make a small snowman to ride with me on the Triton/Mercury today, but it is so powdery and dry it fell apart! Had some of my best fishing days in the snow. Thinking today is going to be good!

Walker suspects topwaters won't work today

8:21 am CST, Feb 16, 2013

Looks like the topwater bite will be SLOW today!

Good news is the forecast for Sunday is 62 degrees.

It's cold out there!

8:08 am CST, Feb 16, 2013

"A beautiful 24 degrees with sugar coated boats," said Mark Pierce this morning. "Perfect!"

And Jeremy Starks shows off how cold it is based on the frost on his truck. Both Starks and Pierce are competing in their first Bassmaster Classic this week.

And this just in ... it's snowing! Photo courtesy of Starks on his boat this morning.

First bass for Gluszek

7:40 am CST, Feb 16, 2013

Cold, cold, cold! Here's a pic of the first bass I caught from Grand on Day 1 of practice. I took my gloves off just long enough to snap the shot. Lots of fishing left to do.

4-pounder for Card

7:26 am CST, Feb 16, 2013

Brandon Card caught a 4-pounder early on the first day of unofficial practice. It was his first fish of the day. This is the first fish we've seen come out of Grand Lake O' the Cherokees during the three-day unofficial practice.

Real men wear pink

2:47 pm CST, Feb 15, 2013

Don't ever say pink is not a manly color.


The 53 men who are competing in the 2013 Bassmaster Classic presented by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa will be sporting these beautiful pink badges.

Pit stop for the Walkers

9:55 am CST, Feb 15, 2013

David Walker was finishing up the journey from his Tennessee home to Oklahoma late last night, and he couldn't resist a tackle shop pit stop!


"Made a stop at the new Cabela's in Rogers, Ark," said Walker. "Had to remember to get a paddle! Got Misty, Lilly & Olivia with me. Lilly's school works with us around my tournament schedule."

Carter fighting air travel delays

5:44 pm CST, Feb 14, 2013

Right now, Jonathan Carter is hoping his running skills are up to par.


"My first flight was delayed," said Carter this afternoon, "which means I only have 20 minutes to make my connection in Detroit. And they tell me my gate is way on the other side of the airport!"


So, Carter is hoping his legs will get him where he needs to be on time this evening.


"If I miss my connection, I have to spend the night in Detroit and wait for another flight tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. That means I'll miss my first practice day."


The photo below is of him waiting for his first flight in Portland, Maine. Our fingers are crossed for you, Jonathan!

Evers is enjoying being close to home

5:33 pm CST, Feb 14, 2013

While most of the other contenders in the 2013 Bassmaster Classic presented by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa are busy driving or flying for hours to get to Grand Lake O' the Cherokees for tomorrow's unofficial practice day, Edwin Evers is washing his truck.


Well, what else does he have to do when he only has 31 miles to go from his own driveway?


"Feels so weird washing my truck the day before practice when most of the time I'd be traveling and prepping for practice," Evers said today. "Sure is nice having a home field advantage of being so close to Grand Lake."

KVD is now at Grand Lake

5:26 pm CST, Feb 14, 2013

Just rolled into Grove, Okla.  It's time to get some groceries, shoot a piece for a commercial and get ready to hit it hard tomorrow for Day 1 of practice.