2013 Bassmaster Classic Grand Lake O' the Cherokees - Tulsa, OK, Feb 22 - 24, 2013

2013 Bassmaster Classic Live Blog

Aaron Martens with a 4-pounder

9:29 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

Aaron with a 4-pounder. Picture by Mac Carpenter.

Bobby Lane works a dock

9:29 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

Photo: Kevin Trummel

KVD lands another keeper

9:27 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

After a lull that seemed like it took forever, KVD finally landed another keeper. His faithful fans were rewarded and they were vocal about expressing their pleasure.


VanDam, who'd been very quiet, responded to them: "I can't do any of that Iaconelli stuff. It's not in my nature." Do you know what is in his nature? Fishing hard. He's right back to casting, no celebration required.

Brandon Card catches a big one, first of day

9:16 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

Photo: Austin Lang

Slow for Shaw

9:05 am CST, Feb 23, 2013
| By Trey Reid

We're watching Shaw Grigsby, who had a solid limit Friday to put himself in position to threaten the leaders today. But it's been slow this morning.


He said he had two fish by this point yesterday but nothing yet today. The wind that was blowing onto this bank yesterday is nonexistent today, but Grigsby just told me that didn't seem to matter during practice.


"I caught them when it was real calm and cold like this," he said. "I don't know if it matters or not. I've been catching these fish off the same waypoints, so I think they're replenishing. But so far it's just tough this morning."


Grigsby is working a jerkbait around main lake points with scattered boat docks. For a few minutes, he picked up a green soft plastic to work slower around the docks.

Faircloth boats a nice one

9:02 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

Ike's warm beard short-lived?

8:58 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

Co-leader Mike Iaconelli claimed he was aided by the warm, increasingly long, black beard he's sporting now. Bassmaster emcee Dave Mercer asked Iaconelli on-stage Friday, if he won the Classic, would he keep the beard and go for the full Paul Elias look of years ago? Think Phil Robertson and "Duck Dynasty," if you don't remember the Elias beard of old.


Iaconelli said he would do that, if his wife, Becky, could be convinced to allow it. So all eyes went to Becky's seat in the BOK Arena.


Her verdict? Two thumbs down.


Iaconelli will be shaving next week -- win, lose or draw.

Bobby Lane's fifth keeper

8:56 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

Photo: Kevin Trummel

Faircloth catches another keeper

8:53 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

Bobby Lane shows a nice bass

8:49 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

Photo: Kevin Trummel