2013 Bassmaster Classic Grand Lake O' the Cherokees - Tulsa, OK, Feb 22 - 24, 2013

2013 Bassmaster Classic Live Blog

Gone with the wind... for most

10:41 am CST, Feb 23, 2013
| By Trey Reid

I'm starting to feel like Johnny Cash: I've been everywhere. We ran almost to the dam this morning and then started making our way back up the lake. We ran into Mike McClelland, who was fishing in a pocket near Ish Monroe. McClelland picked up his trolling motor and headed toward the dam, prompting Ish to remark: "Take all of them with you." He was referring to several spectator boats that were trailing McClelland.


But that flotilla paled in comparison to the next one we saw. We ran into Mike Iaconelli in the mid-lake area, along with more than 60 spectator boats. Ike moved not long after we arrived, so we took off for Honey Creek, where we are now watching KVD -- along with about 70 other boats.


Besides the crush of spectator boats, another observation: There's much less wind today, and it seems to be diminishing the bite for many anglers (not for Iaconelli or VanDam, though).

Palaniuk lands another one

10:24 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

Things quiet right now for Bobby Lane

10:23 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

B.A.S.S. photographer David Jones takes pictures of Bobby Lane.

Photo: Kevin Trummel

Number five for Brandon Palaniuk

10:22 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

A whole lotta nothing

10:09 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

A dreary calm has come across Grand Lake. We've spent  time with Bobby Lane, seen Jeremy Starks and are now on Edwin Evers in Big Hollow, but each reports that the fishing is as slow as it's been throughout practice and Day One. "The day after a front moves through typically isn't that bad, it's the second day that shuts 'em down. I didn't think that these fish cared, but apparently they do." He caught four fish in a hurry on a Berkley Flicker Shad but fruitlessly cast a jig as well. "There was one stretch of bank that was great then they just shut down. I'm going up the river here in a bit." He caught a 5- and a 3-pounder there yesterday with 8 minutes left to spare. Evers is currently fishing in Lane's footprints and is also not catching anything at the minute. The slow bite seems to be lake-wide.

A Grand flight

10:06 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

I just returned from a flight to shoot the Classic from a helicopter. It was too cold to open take the door off, so I had to shoot through a tiny hole, making it tough to angle down on the lake. Shooting through the windows was better to get a subject in the frame, but it made for some glare.


I have some images that will show what's happening on the water, so hang around a bit and I'll process them for you. Below is a taste.


Day Two of the 2013 Classic gets under way. (Mike Suchan photo)

Ike's army

10:02 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

We just pulled up on Ike's army. I'm guessing there are 60+ boats here. Lots of bass boats, jon boats and cabin cruisers - pretty much anything that'll float. He's working around a point but they're not giving him much breathing room.

David Walker with his second

9:54 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

Classic anglers drawing crowds

9:42 am CST, Feb 23, 2013

Ott reels in another keeper

9:38 am CST, Feb 23, 2013































Photo courtesy of Zach Bandy