2013 Bassmaster Classic Grand Lake O' the Cherokees - Tulsa, OK, Feb 22 - 24, 2013

2013 Bassmaster Classic Live Blog

Pace's final stop?

2:12 pm CST, Feb 24, 2013

Pace is back on the spot where we first found him this morning ... for the third time. This may be his final stop of the day.

Cherry, Pace fishing near each other

2:10 pm CST, Feb 24, 2013

Robbie Floyd just told us that Hank Cherry is less than a 1/4 mile away from Cliff, around a point. Amazing that they have 40,000+ acres and so often end up stacked on top of each other.

Inside Cliff Pace’s Head: 2 p.m.

2:04 pm CST, Feb 24, 2013

I’m going to take you inside Cliff Pace’s head at the top of every hour from now until it’s time for him to check in. This is just pure guessing/editorializing, in case that isn’t clear, we don’t have the technology to actually get inside his head … yet. At this point, I really thought he’d be celebrating in his head, but this is getting serious.


You know what sounds a lot better than two fish? Four fish. Wow. I would have gone all Jimmy Houston on those two fish if I wasn’t still terrified that they won’t be enough.


One more. Just one more. Give me another flurry and maybe a 3-pounder.


I remember when I woke up this morning and thought: You know what would be awesome? Five hours without a bite.


I was wrong about that. That was not awesome. Wish I would have known ahead of time. I would have taken a nap.


I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to feel that slight tug on the end of my line. I was starting to wonder if this was just one long nightmare.


Here we go. This is what we dream about. One hour, one fish, one Classic. Just me and the bass. Game on.


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Cherry fishing intensely

2:00 pm CST, Feb 24, 2013

The word to describe Hank Cherry right now is "intense." Every move he makes is fast with no wasted time. You could tell that as he did the phone interviews he was anxious. He flipped the reel handle with his thumb as he tapped his for and looked around. He just caught a small bass and fought another drum. There are fish on his spots and he knows it, and he wants to fish them all. Everything's setting up just right for these spots to be loaded: wind, sun and no other pressure, save the one spot the locals hit after he left. But, will this heroic effort be trumped by Pace's whopper lead? It's too early to tell, but we'll know soon.

Palaniuk could already have fish to win

1:57 pm CST, Feb 24, 2013

Like Pace, whose BASSTrakk estimates were lowballed about 6 pounds each of the past two days, Palaniuk's catches might have been short-changed.


War Room talk has the estimates of his catches somewhat higher than what's been showing on our totally unofficial BASSTrakk. It has Brandon some 2-5 behind Pace -- who has still yet to limit -- and that is about how much many believe he's been shorted.

Carter is the last Nation man standing

1:50 pm CST, Feb 24, 2013

The B.A.S.S. Nation family has been rooting for its six representatives who went to the Classic, plus Albert Collins and Matt Lee, whose ties to the B.A.S.S. Nation are strong.


But now, there is only one man left standing.


Jonathan Carter, who qualified for the Classic by way of winning the B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Divisional in Massachusetts and then by winning the Eastern Division at the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship in Alabama, is the first Mainer ever to compete in the Classic. And he has represented Maine and the B.A.S.S. Nation very well in the 2013 Bassmaster Classic.


He has brought a limit to the scales both days — 18-11 on Day 1 and 11-1 on Day 2 — and he's held steady in seventh place. Today is a new day, though, and he said he's hoping for some big fish.


"I'm going to run some of the same to start, then hit an area I've been thinking of all week," said Carter before Day 3 started.


Carter is the only one of the B.A.S.S. Nation anglers to have made the Top 25 cut for Day 3. Today, he'll stand alongside the top names in the sport on fishing's biggest stage, and all of the B.A.S.S. Nation will be cheering for him.


Back to square one for Palaniuk

1:50 pm CST, Feb 24, 2013
| By Trey Reid

We're back in Echo Bay, where Palaniuk started his day. When we moved back up the lake, we lost most of the 20-plus boat flotilla that had been following all day. And for the first time today, I'm starting to see Palaniuk's stress level increase. Just before we left the last spot, Palaniuk commented that it wasn't a good sign that boats were pulling off of him. I wonder what was playing in Palaniuk's mind as he ran up the lake.

Pace one away from a limit

1:48 pm CST, Feb 24, 2013

We just took a spine-crunching ride back to Cliff's "drum hole." Maybe we're reading too much into this, but his body language seems to have changed. He may have even cracked a smile. We're down to about a dozen spectator boats. One more fish will make a limit.

Classic will go down to the wire

1:42 pm CST, Feb 24, 2013

It's official. Well, unofficial. BASSTrakk just re-computed and that sent Cliff Pace to the top with 51-9. Pace has yet to limit. Can you imagine the day he's had?


Those catches have to be a huge relief. But he's not out of the woods. The anglers have less than an hour to fish before they have to check in at 2:45 p.m. CT, so it's certainly possible any of the others chasing Pace could get one of those "game-changers."


It's a definite "Never Give Up" deal.

PL   NAME                          NO  TOT WT           BACK             TODAY


Cliff Pace


51lbs 9oz



8lbs 5oz


Hank Cherry


49lbs 4oz

2lbs 5oz


17lbs 8oz


Brandon Palaniuk


49lbs 4oz

2lbs 5oz


13lbs 0oz


Michael Iaconelli


45lbs 15oz

5lbs 10oz


10lbs 12oz


Mike McClelland


44lbs 5oz

7lbs 4oz


16lbs 14oz


Tracy Adams


43lbs 14oz

7lbs 11oz


14lbs 8oz


Todd Faircloth


40lbs 11oz

10lbs 14oz


14lbs 4oz


Jason Christie


40lbs 5oz

11lbs 4oz


9lbs 0oz


Kevin VanDam


40lbs 2oz

11lbs 7oz


9lbs 4oz


Shaw E Grigsby


39lbs 9oz

12lbs 0oz


10lbs 1oz

Cherry on fire

1:39 pm CST, Feb 24, 2013

The scene around hank Cherry's boat is bedlam. I don't know how he  can focus on fishing.


More and more boats are pouring in by the minute, there's a helicopter several hundred feet away, he just talkd to Zona for 5 or 6 minutes, there are people on shore keeping pace with him and there are three cameras on him.


However, he's super intense. Not a minute ago, his rod doubled over, he knelt to prevent the fish from jumping, and I could see his rod tip shake as the fish's head shook. You could feel thet intensity. He fought it for about a minute then stood up and yelled "Gosh!" and gyrated his upper body in disappointment.


Drum. He hastily yanked the rough fish into the boat, tossed it back in and got back to casting. That kind of intensity shows that he knows exactly what's going on in this Classic: he's got a chance to win.


Robbie Floyd just showed up to interview him. Cliff Pace's bite turned on later in the day, but Cherry's bite is red-hot. The wind is hammering these main-lake points and the sun has been warming them all day long. Fish are moving into this area and the others like it that he's fishing. This finish could be wilder than Charlie Sheen's bachelor party.


About a half hour ago he caught a 4 1/2 pounder and a 5-pounder, left the area and two anglers sat down and immediately began fishing the spot. Sure you can do it, but it shows a complete lack of class and respect.