2013 Bassmaster Classic Grand Lake O' the Cherokees - Tulsa, OK, Feb 22 - 24, 2013

Palaniuk gets No. 5

9:22 am CST, Feb 24, 2013 | By Trey Reid

Palaniuk moved to his second area, another shallow flat near the mouth of Carey Bay, and promptly put his fifth fish in the boat. It's a 3-pounder, which makes a roughly 14-pound limit at 9:15 a.m.


This one took the Wiggle Wart, too. Palaniuk hung the bait on a rock two casts in a row.


The second time, he shook it loose, and the fish smacked it. He said this fish took the bait a lot deeper than the previous three Wiggle Wart fis