2013 Elite Series Alabama River Charge presented by Star brite
Alabama River - Montgomery, AL, May 9 - 12, 2013

2013 Alabama River Charge Live Blog

Elias has two

8:10 am CDT, May 12, 2013


Paul Elias has his second fish in the boat.


Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Jimmy Murphy

Murray culls with a 4-pounder

8:04 am CDT, May 12, 2013

Evers has five!

8:01 am CDT, May 12, 2013

Edwin Evers, with four fish in the boat, decided to pick up and run toward the upper end of the Bouldin Dam Canal. He's now fishing near the same waterfall where Randy Howell loaded the boat yesterday. With no sign of Howell today in this canal, it's a safe bet Evers won't have any company on this spot. And if he gets any of the same production here that Howell did, Evers will be in really good shape at the weigh-in.


And, on cue, Evers boats his fifth bass of the day. It looks like it will go about 2 1/2 pounds. That's a limit that should have him in the 13-pound range now.


More to come ... for sure!

Murray has a limit

7:55 am CDT, May 12, 2013

John Murray has five fish in the livewell!

Photo by Jimmy Rogers

Chapman starts with 3-pounder

7:48 am CDT, May 12, 2013

Brent Chapman just put his first fish of the day in the livewell, and it was a good one -- about 3 1/4 pounds. 


James Overstreet and I just got here. We put in at the park in Wetumpka and are about a half-mile above the Coosa River Parkway bridge, but below Corn Creek Shoals, where we watched Chapman catch some yesterday.


David Walker is above us -- above the shoals that we can hear roaring in the distance.

Evers boats his fourth

7:46 am CDT, May 12, 2013

Evers continues his quest for this tournament title and the title of Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year. He just boated fish No. four -- a nicely sized 3-pounder. That gives him approximately 10-plus pounds so far this morning. He continues to throw that heavy crankbait along the shoreline about 30 yards from his boat and lets it work back toward his rig.


The sun is beginning to peek out above the trees on the Bouldin Dam Canal. If you haven't had the chance to see this stretch of water, I highly recommend it. It's as pretty a place as you'll see with lush vegetation along the shorelines and, obviously, a load of spotted bass just ready for the taking.

Kennedy culling already

7:44 am CDT, May 12, 2013

Steve Kennedy started fishing below where he was fishing the last few days. He just caught his sixth fish, about 3 pounds. Culling now. He said he has more than 15 pounds in his livewell now.

Murray has four

7:27 am CDT, May 12, 2013

John Murray has four keepers in his livewell.

Photo by Jimmy Rogers

Catch No. 2 and 3 for Evers

7:24 am CDT, May 12, 2013

Edwin Evers just boated his second fish. Looks like it's about 2 pounds. There are five boats following him, and he's asked everyone to turn off their depthfinders. Apparently he's getting some sort of interference from the other boaters' electronics.


As I type, he has another fish on. This one looks like a 3-pounder.


As expected, the Oklahoma pro is onto the early morning bite. Three fish in the well for about 7 pounds, is my guess.

Evers switches it up

7:15 am CDT, May 12, 2013

Edwin Evers just put his first fish in the boat. He made about a half-mile run down the Bouldin Canal and boated what looks to be a fish that weighs about 1 1/2 pounds.


We're across the bank from him and he just told us he'd like to fish the bank where we are situated right now. We're going to go into the center of the channel and let Evers have his way with the red dirt bluff he's eyeing. It's a spot where Randy Howell caught several fish in the first few days of the Alabama Charge presented by Star brite. No sign of Howell this morning, though he is in 12th place and fishing today. I'm told Howell thought he might make a move for some largemouth bites today.


Evers decided he didn't want that spot where we were and ran about a half mile down toward the dam. We follow.