2013 Elite Series Alabama River Charge presented by Star brite
Alabama River - Montgomery, AL, May 9 - 12, 2013

2013 Alabama River Charge Live Blog

Reeling 'em in

11:09 am CDT, May 12, 2013

And then another for Edwin Evers. As soon as I hit send on my last post, the Oklahoman boated a 2 1/2-pounder on a crankbait. It wasn't really big, but it was heavy enough for him to be able to cull. Every ounce is going to count, it appears, with Brent Chapman, Steve Kennedy and John Murray making moves themselves.


The Alabama River Charge is on, ladies and gentlemen!

The turn around

11:06 am CDT, May 12, 2013

The great thing about BassTrakk is you can sort of track these anglers. I've been on the phone with Hank Weldon, who is running that system today. He tells me Brent Chapman got almost to me, then turned around. Meanwhile, I was sitting here at the ready waiting for him to appear. It will be interesting from here on out on whether that turn back and Kennedy forging ahead will be the difference.

Evers catches a 4-pounder

11:03 am CDT, May 12, 2013

As we thought he would, Edwin Evers picked up from his last spot and has moved three more times since my last blog. He's running about a quarter-mile each time, looking for pockets with current. He just had a big fish on, it appears, but lost it. He's still changing baits frequently -- spinnerbaits, crankbaits, even a jig at one point. No keepers yet, though.


Of course, as I type, he just lit into what appears to be a 4-pounder. He worked the fish around the back of the boat, and finally, reaching into the water, grabbed the toad.


"Gotcha!," Evers shouted.


That is the "biggin" he's been searching for and he has put himself right back into the thick of things in this tournament.

Kennedy at the dam

10:54 am CDT, May 12, 2013

So Kennedy is now at the dam. Luckily if anything happens there, photographers Seigo Saito and Gary Tramontina are there to capture it.


If you've been paying attention to this event, then you know what I'm speaking of. If not, check the last two days' photo galleries of whitewater bassin' and then watch the video. Kennedy is taking the gamble the whole distance. 

Walker back at the boulder

10:44 am CDT, May 12, 2013

David Walker just came back up to Corn Creek Shoals, where he got stuck on a boulder earlier this morning. He fished right through that area without any luck, other than not getting stuck.


Now Walker has moved up the Coosa River out of our sight.


And once again, James Overstreet and I are angler-less.


Why I didn't bring that box of red worms and a fishing pole I'll never know. We're seeing fish jumping all around us here in the mouth of Corn Creek.


Looks like it's pickled eggs and pork rinds for dinner - again.

In the hunt ... Part III

10:42 am CDT, May 12, 2013
| By Ken Duke

Do you believe in miracles — and, in particular, bass tournament miracles?


I do. I've seen them happen … or watched them on TV or read about them in magazines. When Rick Clunn came from 14th place and more than nine pounds behind to win the 1990 Bassmaster Classic on the James River it was a miracle — nothing less.


But miracles don't happen very often, and expecting a miracle is a good way to wind up disappointed.


With Ken's Comeback Formula, I've said that any anglers trailing by more than the weight of the tournament big bass going into the final round (third or fourth day) of a tournament with a five-bass limit is done. Put a fork in 'em. For an angler in that position to come back and win, it would take a miracle.


So what exactly is a miracle in bass tournament terms? They have at least two and sometimes three parts.


The requisite first part of a miracle starts with something pretty mundane — a great catch by an angler fairly near the lead (a bit more than the weight of a tournament big bass behind the leader). That "great catch" needs to be the biggest of the day by anyone in the field and it probably needs to be the biggest single day catch of the entire tournament.


The second requisite part of a tournament miracle is that the leader stumble. If he keeps his pace, he's almost certainly going to win, but if he slips — and especially if he slips a lot — he opens the door for another angler to take the win away.


The final element of a miracle — and it's not necessarily a part of every miracle; it only happens when the eventual winner comes from way back in the pack — is when everyone between the eventual winner and the leader also stumbles, clearing a path to the win. This was the amazing part of Clunn's miracle win in the 1990 Classic and the most surprising part of Jason Christie's win from 11th place this year at Bull Shoals.

Water flow and levels changing

10:42 am CDT, May 12, 2013

At the start of the Alabama River Charge presented by Star brite, the water flow in downtown Montgomery was around 81,000 CFS. According to data charts, it is now down to 48,600 CFS. The elevation mark at the Northern Bypass in Montgomery is at 24 feet, where it was above 29 feet during the first two days of competition. Alabama Power charts show water slowing down significantly starting late today. Without any significant rainfall this week, I do not think anyone thought the flow would maintain at what it has been. The charts show the major amount of rain was toward northeast Alabama late last week.

Thanks, volunteer boat drivers

10:29 am CDT, May 12, 2013

Thanks to Lee Willis, my boat driver today. He is taking me out with his jet boat in extreme water today — a big help for us!

Evers looking for his mojo

10:28 am CDT, May 12, 2013

At 10:15 a.m, Edwin Evers decided he had enough of the Bouldin Dam Canal and zoomed about 2 miles down the Coosa River. His bite had come to pretty much nothing, so it probably was an easy decision to make. He's on the southeast shoreline, throwing to some flooded bushes with a crankbait.


He continues to work quickly, changing rods and lures often.


We passed John Murray, who's fishing just inside the Bouldin Dam Canal as we followed in hot pursuit of Evers.


Our guess is that Evers won't stay in this spot long but that he had to do something to get his mojo going. We shall see.

Kennedy braves gap

10:20 am CDT, May 12, 2013

Kennedy put his boat on plane and went over the Moccasin Gap. My boat driver is saying Kennedy is a brave man!