2012 Elite Series TroKar Quest Bull Shoals Lake - Bull Shoals, AR, Apr 19 - 22, 2012

2012 TroKar Quest Live Blog

Myers cranking a little deeper

7:58 am CDT, Apr 22, 2012

Unlike most of the Elite Series anglers in this tournament, Britt Myers has been fishing a bit further off the bank this week. He's targeting water in five to 12 foot depths.


"It's just like ledge fishing, when you catch one you stop," Myers said. "There's usually a school of them there. It looks like I'm fishing a bank, but there's a ledge out here."


Myers started in East Sugarloaf Creek this morning. Leader Brandon Paliniuk's hot spot is in West Sugarloaf Creek, where Myers has also been this week. We saw Paliniuk and Edwin Evers go in there this morning before we found Myers.


"There's three creeks I'm fishing," Myers said. "I noticed in practice that all the fish and the baitfish were in five to 12 feet deep. It looks like I'm fishing the bank, but I'm not."


Here's mainly throwing a shad-colored Rapala DT10 crankbait.


"I didn't know this was going to be the deal this  week, and I only had two of them," Myers said. "I slung one off early in the week. It went about 100 yards up in the woods when that wind was blowing. I went up there Easter egg hunting and found it."


When it gets slick and the bass quit hitting the crankbait, Myers has been switching to a War Eagle Heavy Finesse jig with a Chigger Craw trailer. Myers has caught a couple more fish since we've been here, but nothing that would help him. He also caught a nice-sized rock that fought like a bass before he landed and released it.

Palaniuk adds third fish

7:55 am CDT, Apr 22, 2012


Palaniuk has added his third fish. He now has about 4 1/2 pounds, which requires Myers to catch 17 pounds or better to catch him. That's possible. A few more keepers though and Palaniuk could be cursing.

Water conditions improving

7:50 am CDT, Apr 22, 2012

Another quick fish for Chapman. A 2-pounder on the crankbait from the front side of a shaded boat dock.  Per Zona: Brent says the water is really clearing.

Bobby Lane has two in the livewell

7:48 am CDT, Apr 22, 2012

Bobby Lane has quickly added his first two keepers of the day. They weigh a collective four pounds. While he probably can't catch Palaniuk, you can bet he has his sights set on over-taking Myers. He wants the points, and the extra cash.


Myers, though, isn't going down easily he has the big bag of the first hour or two with 13 pounds and may be on cruse control. Lane wants to make a move, he needs to get some of the 3- to 4-pound or better fish to bite.

Chapman boats two keepers

7:41 am CDT, Apr 22, 2012

For Brent Chapman, who professed to be stunned that he didn't have a limit by 7a.m., finally lands two keepers in three casts for five pounds total.

Palaniuk has two kepers

7:39 am CDT, Apr 22, 2012

Palaniuk is on the board with two keepers. 


Together they weigh about 2 1/2 to 3-pounds, which gives him a cushion over Myers of about that much.

Chapman staying close to dock

7:37 am CDT, Apr 22, 2012

Still no fish yet for Brent Chapman.  He's going down the bank in a leisurely fashion, alternating casts between a Top Shelf swimbait and a crawdad-colored Wiggle Wart. A quick move across the cove and he's doing more of the same as the sun gets higher and the breeze starts to pick up slightly.


Looks like he won't be fighting windy conditions that are predicted for later as he heads back in at the end of the day. He's within sight of the launch. Might be a different story for the likes of a Brandon Palaniuk who is making a 30-mile plus run or Matt Herren, who is going closer to 50 miles

Myers is in Sugarloaf Creek

7:34 am CDT, Apr 22, 2012

Photographer  James Overstreet and I finally found Britt Myers in the thick fog hovering over East Sugarloaf Creek at 7:30 and he  already has a limit in the boat, estimated to weigh about 13 pounds.

Numbers are down

7:32 am CDT, Apr 22, 2012

There's not a whole lot taking place in this first hour of  the final day. We know Palaniuk is at his spot. He got there in time for the fog to roll in. We know he has one keeper, but expect it to be a small one. Poche has a couple of keepers as well. But overall reports are down. That always happens on Sunday. We cut from 50 to 12, so sheer numbers dictate a drop off in catches. Just like Saturday, we are without our BASSTrakk units and are surviving on texts from Marshals, camera boat operators and cameramen. 

Poche is on the right track

7:20 am CDT, Apr 22, 2012

Keith Poche boats his first fish of Day Four. As you can see, it's a chilly morning. But temps expected to get into the upper 60s today. A beautiful day unfolding.