2012 Elite Series - Evan Williams Bourbon All-Star Championship
Lake Decatur - Decatur, IL, Sep 22 - 23, 2012

2012 Toyota Trucks All-Star Week Live Blog

Evers in a flurry, boats second fish

10:34 am CDT, Sep 22, 2012

Evers has boated his second keeper, this one straight across the creek from where he lost the big one.
He had another bite before that and missed, but this is the first time he's had a flurry all morning.
He has two in the box for about 3 pounds total.

Evers misses 3-pounder

10:29 am CDT, Sep 22, 2012

Evers just missed one that made his knees crumble. He set the hook and pulled the fish to the top of the water. From our vantage point, it appeared to be 3-plus. They are just nipping at it, like a bream bite," he said. "I've not had a good bite yet."


The good thing is he appears to have plenty of water and more targets to hit than he will ever get to today.

Evers boats his first fish

10:09 am CDT, Sep 22, 2012

Evers is on the board. After catching several nonkeepers, Evers has boated his first 15-incher.
"It's on the board," he said. "Just barely. But he keeps."
That would give him just shy of almost 2-pounds.

Interesting "yard art" grabs attention

10:02 am CDT, Sep 22, 2012

Being a hillbilly from Arkansas, I've got no ground to stand on in criticizing anyone's "yard art." But I've never seen three toilets on a boat dock in the Ozarks, like I've now witnessed on Lake Decatur.
Photographer Darren Jacobson has captured this scene in a photo certain to make today's on-the-water gallery: Gerald Swindle throwing a spinnerbait with three porcelain commodes squatted on a boat dock behind him.
They "produced" Swindle's biggest bass of the day so far, but it wasn't a keeper.
There seems to be somewhat of a "crappy" theme running through my blog posts today; I'll try to pull my head out of the toilet, if future conditions allow.

Evers pitching, flipping nonstop

9:58 am CDT, Sep 22, 2012

Evers is pitching and flipping nonstop. He's in a target-rich environment, and there are a few fish biting. He's caught three short fish, swung and missed a few more. But he's confident he's going to catch them today.
"I just have that good feeling," he said.

Martens battles against locals

9:44 am CDT, Sep 22, 2012

Aaron Martens made a stop to fish a bridge in the back of a small cove.  He has caught five fish, but only three have been keepers. Not only does he have to fish against Defoe in today's bracket, there are three local anglers fishing on the same spot from the bank.   

The three fish may weigh 4-12.  

Swindle's new nickname: "Three-Bridge Bob"

9:38 am CDT, Sep 22, 2012

Gerald Swindle said he was going to be "Three-Rod Todd" today, in reference to simplifying his lure choices for Lake Decatur. So far, he's "Three-Bridge Bob." After catching two non-keepers on a spinnerbait at the railroad bridge, he has moved south to the Williams Street bridge.
It's mainly been the riprap banks near these bridges that Swindle has concentrated on, after working the Reas Bridge pilings to start the day.

Evers may have a hot spot

9:32 am CDT, Sep 22, 2012

We finally made it to Evers after passing a dozen duck hunters and one crappie angler. We are back in the main river that feeds this lake and it appears to be small river/creek fishing nirvana. Plenty of laydowns, stumps, etc., with an 8- to 12-foot channel.


He lost one good bite before we got here. But that's the only bite he's had. He did say he had some quality bites here in practice. Now it remains to be seen if he will have it to himself. We heard a big motor whining through the mud a couple of minutes ago. It's out of sight so it could be another competitor, spectator or one of the duck hunters.


Beautiful place so it wouldn't surprise me if all of them came back here.

Swindle is on the move

9:20 am CDT, Sep 22, 2012

Gerald Swindle made a move after failing to get a bite on the Reas Bridge pilings. He took a short run back down the lake to the south end of Basin No. 5, where a cool, old concrete arch railroad bridge crosses Decatur Lake.
He's working a variety of baits along a riprap bank that's also got a lot of wood cover in the form of logs and various laydowns that have washed on shore.
It's a fishy-looking spot, but he's still waiting for his first strike of the day.
The only excitement came when a railroad engine crossing the bridge tooted its horn; Swindle about jumped off the front deck of his boat.

Evers' risky move

9:13 am CDT, Sep 22, 2012

We are fighting our way back to Evers. Blowing mud, hitting stumps, bouncing off stuff. I have no idea how he got his big boat thru this stuff.


I had abandon our Triton and jump into a flatbottom.


We almost got stuck. We went by one duck blind and, being neighborly, we asked if he was shooting any birds.


He looked Evers' way then back to us and said, "you guys are idiots."


There was expletive deleted in there somewhere but we couldn't argue his point.