2012 Elite Series - Evan Williams Bourbon All-Star Championship
Lake Decatur - Decatur, IL, Sep 22 - 23, 2012

2012 Toyota Trucks All-Star Week Live Blog

Swindle shares culvert with young angler

1:06 pm CDT, Sep 22, 2012

In continuing to run and gun, Gerald Swindle went back north to the Lake Shore Drive culvert where he caught his only keeper today. He shared the water there with a youngster who was fishing from the bank.

Swindle let the kid have it to himself after only a few casts and has moved across to the east side of Lake Decatur, where this 20-mile-per-hour wind is blowing directly into the bank. White-capping waves are everywhere you look.

Evers is in the lead, but not comfortable

1:02 pm CDT, Sep 22, 2012

About 30 minutes ago, Edwin Evers boated a just short and since then, no bites. He's still stuck on three fish for about 6 pounds. He knows he has the advantage, since these anglers can look at BassTrakk in this event, but he's not comfortable at all. He feels like he needs a couple solid bites before he starts fighting his way out of this river.


He's far enough back that it's getting time for him to turn around and hit his high points.

Swindle running and gunning

12:35 pm CDT, Sep 22, 2012

Gerald Swindle has gone into full run-and-gun mode. After pulling into the Nelson Park Marina area, just north of where Aaron Martens' armada is floating, Swindle fished for maybe 10 minutes, heard a cheer from Martens' crowd signaling a fish-catch, and then ran south of  Martens to the Commodore Decatur Yacht Club.
He made a few casts there, fired up the big motor again, went another 50 yards south, and dropped his trolling motor in the water again.
Swindle is fishing just past all the dry-docked sailboats, working the riprap bank near Lost Bridge.
As he forecast, he's been "Three-Rod Todd" today, casting a spinnerbait, a crankbait and occasionally flipping a jig at any type of wood cover in his path.

Swindle hooks ... a catfish

12:32 pm CDT, Sep 22, 2012

It appeared Gerald Swindle had hooked the big bass of the day, after he cast a crankbait along the riprap bank below the Highway 36 bridge. He took a long time landing it, with his rod bent double the whole time. But once Swindle boated what turned out to be a flathead catfish, it was obvious he was just making certain he didn't lose his crankbait.


Swindle has started moving often in the last hour. He immediately left the Highway 36 bridge, after tossing back the catfish, and has moved farther south, near the Nelson Park takeoff area.

Martens adds one to the livewell

12:26 pm CDT, Sep 22, 2012

Martens just made another move closer to the launch area, and caught his fourth fish at about 1 pound. I estimate he's got around 5 1/2 pounds in his livewell. 

Lost fish weighs heavy on DeFoe's mind

12:22 pm CDT, Sep 22, 2012

I just got word that DeFoe estimated the fish he lost this morning as either 5 or 6 pounds. Ouch. With that and four to go with it (he currently has one), DeFoe would be hard to beat. With Aaron Martens’ penchant for always catching fish with finesse baits, that lost fish is probably weighing on his mind.

Martens on the move

12:09 pm CDT, Sep 22, 2012

Aaron Martens makes a move back to the front of the launch site. 

Swindle draws attention

12:05 pm CDT, Sep 22, 2012

When Gerald Swindle pulled up to this culvert on Lake Shore Drive and started catching fish, he attracted a few nonboating observers.

Evers gets his hands wet

12:04 pm CDT, Sep 22, 2012

We just saw a classic Evers move. He set the hook in a laydown and apparently the fish wrapped him up. He quickly shed his jacket and shirt and hit the deck. But by the time he got his hands in the water, the fish had pulled off.
These fish seem to be swatting at the bait. The last few he's brought to the boat the hooks have been on the outside of the mouth.
"I've never seen anything like it," Evers groaned.
He's putting fish in the boat but the majority of the bites are winning. He still has three keepers for 6 pounds or more.

Swindle heats up

11:51 am CDT, Sep 22, 2012

Gerald Swindle doesn't know, but  he has to feel that Edwin Evers is ahead of him in their matchup on Lake Decatur. Comedian Steven Wright said it best: "The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up."

And Swindle is finally catching up. He ran across to the east side Basin No. 3 briefly, but the wind there was just too much to bear. So he ran right back across to the west side, where a culvert connects a small creek to the lake, under Lake Shore Drive. Swindle immediately caught a keeper, after casting a small crankbait in the culvert opening. He landed another short fish after that. We can't tell from our vantage point if there's any current flowing from the culvert, but it doesn't matter because the wind direction is creating current that's moving water directly where Swindle has positioned his boat.

He just landed his third bass here, another nonkeeper. But he's got to feel like he's on fire compared to any point earlier in the day.