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Scroggins not a fan

1:44 pm CDT, Sep 21, 2012 | By David Hunter Jones

It seems the popular opinion among the anglers is that Lake Shelbyville may not break into the Top 100 Best Bass Lakes anytime soon. Terry Scroggins was throwing a small crankbait among some timber when the following brief - but honest- conversation took place.

Observer: " Hey, Terry: what do ya think about ol' Shelbyville?"

Scroggins: "Sucks."

That's it in a nutshell. Granted, Edwin Evers is feeling OK with the day, but Scroggins' livewells are conspicuously empty.

In the same creek we found Todd Faircloth, who has a single keeper.

To make matters worse for Scroggins, it looked like a musky just had his crankbait for lunch.