2012 Elite Series Toledo Bend Battle Toledo Bend Reservoir - Many, LA, Jun 7 - 10, 2012

2012 Toledo Bend Battle Live Blog

Chapman adds a 3-pounder

8:19 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

We believe Brent Chapman now has four bass in the boat; he added a 3-pounder about 8 a.m. A catch like that is encouraging — and that's always important — but in order to match the 25-pound, 8-ounce bag Chapman had yesterday, there's not much leeway for a 3-pounder at the end of the day.


The sun has cleared the clouds now. Chapman is so methodically working this area, I'd doubt that any amount of sunshine will blow his cool.

Herren in hiding?

8:16 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

Matt Herren has disappeared. He said this morning he'd be fishing in San Miguel. We have been driving the area for an hour, no Herren. We are heading  to the Texas side now. This is a big pond!

Who's missing the money?

8:05 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012
| By Ken Duke

We just listed the six anglers who have finished in the money at all five Elite tournaments this year. What about the anglers who have bombed — missing every cut and not earning a penny in prize money so far this year? Well, there are seven of them. Here are the names and their AOY ranks:


Kevin Short (#74)

Byron Velvick (#88)

Michael Simonton (#94)

Dave Smith (#95)

Jared Miller (#96)

Bernie Schultz (#97)

Chad Griffin (#99)

Toledo Bend's secrets: time and location

8:02 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

In our last Elite Series event on Lake Douglas we saw the tone of the tournament set with a technique - strolling or long-lining. It's not necessarily new, at least for these anglers. But it was introduced to a lot of anglers/fans who had never heard of it before.

This event may not produce any of those revelations. Instead this seems more of a locale type of event. Who is on what school and where they are finding them, either in brushpiles or drops.

While there are different techniques from cranking, jigging, spooning, Carolina rigging and Texas rigging, they all seem to be producing fairly well. Someone might have a secret weapon but it's not shown itself to us yet. The secrets will likely be timing and location and whatever an angler can put in front of the fish that are ahead of him.

Who is making the cuts?

8:00 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012
| By Ken Duke

The AOY standings are one way to gauge the success of the Elite anglers this season. Another is to take a look at who's making cuts and earning checks. These are the six Elite anglers who have finished in the money at all five tournaments this year and where they rank in the AOY standings:


Ott DeFoe (#2)

David Walker (#3)

Brandon Card (#5)

Kevin VanDam (#13)

Bill Lowen (#17)

J Todd Tucker (#29)

DeFoe after a big pod

7:56 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

Ott DeFoe continues to fish this small area - a place where locals have the brushpiles marked and named.

Zona says Ott believes the winning fish are swimming here and he's seeing a lot of them on the screen. We are too — big pods of twenty or more moving around. Dennis Tietje says that the baitfish will show up in big numbers soon enough and that's when the real opportunities begin.

Ott catches another now, so he has two fish for about 3 1/2 pounds. Jeff Kriet has now moved into this area also.

Chapman finds the 'juice'

7:52 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

Brent Chapman tossed out a marker buoy about 15 minutes ago, which appeared to be a sign that he'd located the big school of bass in this offshore spot where he's been camped for the past two days.


About 10 minutes later, Chapman said, "That's the kind we need," as he swung what appeared to be a 4 1/2-pounder in the boat.


Five minutes later, Chapman threw out another marker buoy. He appears to be getting dialed in.


"I've never caught a fish on an Alabama rig in a tournament," Chapman said, in answer to a question from his cameraman, Wes Miller. "But I'd give anything to throw one in here right now."


The castable umbrella rig, of course, isn't allowed in Elite Series events. Chapman's comment reflects that he's looking at a big school of suspended fish, which is a prime spot to use the Alabama rig, when allowed.

Day Three leaders tend to stay in the lead

7:50 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012
| By Ken Duke

There's a story on our home page asking if this tournament is Brent Chapman's to lose. Of course it's his tournament to lose — he has the lead! Besides, the leader after two days goes on to win 46 percent of the time. Leading after three days is, of course, even more predictive.

The Day Three leader goes on to win 64 percent of the time. So, whoever's in the lead after today's weigh-in is far and away the most likely angler to win the tournament. Day Three leaders only get overtaken about a third of the time.

Chapman within sight of take-off

7:44 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

We can already tell that this will be trying day when it comes to getting information on the water.


Steve Wright blogged a little while ago that Brent Chapman has caught a couple of keepers. Chapman is less than a mile from the take-off. We can see him with binoculars. But as far as the GPS trackers on his boat, he might as well be in another area code.


Nothing has showed up. As it is, we have him with a couple of keepers. Cliff Pace has a couple as well and  they are virtually tied for the overall weight lead.


Hopefully the signals will get clearer as the day moves on.

A different kind of debris

7:39 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

We are now with Ott DeFoe just about a half mile away. He's set up on a ledge with multiple brushpiles marked. One keeper so far. This is the area where the greater part of the Space Shuttle debris crashed into the lake a few years back. Dennis Tietje was on the lake that day, farther to the north where the sky was clear. He saw a brilliant light break the horizon and knew it was the shuttle. It then took a 45-degree turn and he knew something was wrong. "It started looking like a fighter plane shooting rockets toward the lake. I knew that it was breaking up.  It rained debris for a long time; the sky was full of smoke."