2012 Elite Series Toledo Bend Battle Toledo Bend Reservoir - Many, LA, Jun 7 - 10, 2012

2012 Toledo Bend Battle Live Blog

Horton moves on

11:31 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

Horton just said this is his vitamin spot ... he's only caught one a day here. First day he caught a 6. Second day he caught a 6. Today he caught a 10. "If you are only going to catch one, those are the ones to catch." He pulled up his trolling motor and headed to a new area.

Bigger than we thought

11:20 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

Just chatted with Horton. He clarified the size of that last fish ...


Seems I was off a bit. It certainly was not a 6-pounder. "That last one was a 10! Maybe a 9, but I'm pretty sure she'll go 10!" He also has a 7 in the livewell. He guesses his weight at 27 pounds! He dragging plastics around a channel ledge.

The importance of a limit

11:19 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012
| By Ken Duke

Whenever I hear a stat, I also like to hear about the opposite number. So, when I tell you that KVD has the record for consecutive limits at 57, I also wondered about the record for most consecutive days without a limit. You should know that a limit is the norm for Elite Series anglers. It's the standard. Anything less is a serious problem.


The average Elite angler brings 4.57 fish to the scales each competition day. Stay tuned for the longest consecutive run without catching a daily limit and the list of anglers who are the very best at bringing five bass to the scales.

Chapman leaves his hot spot

11:17 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

Brent Chapman finally had enough of not catching anything, and he did something about it.


"I hate to say it, but you should have been here yesterday," Chapman said to some local observers. Ten minutes later, he pulled up his trolling motor and made a move from the spot where he had been catching them one cast after another the last two days.


As he idled out, we asked if he was still seeing the fish on his graph.


"Not really," Chapman said. "I think they're gone."


Chapman ran less than five minutes, idled a couple of circles around a spot, then threw out a marker buoy. He caught small white bass on his first two casts. On his third cast he caught an unhealthy-looking bass, but it allowed him to cull a fish from his livewell that was barely 14 inches.


"That's got to be officially the sickest-looking bass I've ever seen, but I'll take it," he said.


Chapman said he now has 15 1/2 pounds for the day.

Huge fish for Horton

11:08 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

We find Tim Horton about the same time a bass finds his bait ... and the fish is big. It jumps, then surges under the boat. He reels it close, drops his rod and hand lines the bass closer. He lips it, and swings aboard what appears to be a 6- to 7-pound fish.


If Horton had 22, he likely now has more than 25.

From Herren to Horton

10:59 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

Herren's flurry has ended. He stopped and tied on a different colored crankbait ... a deep diver. Matt is fishing a different pattern than most. He is well off the main channel, focusing on an adjacent flat that's around 13 to 15 feet deep. The new color worked, as Matt just landed another small fish. We just watched Tim Horton fly by. We understand he may have a livewell full of giants, so we are going to give chase.

Herren loses a monster

10:39 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

Just had a quick chat with Matt Herren. He has a limit, but it's small. 12 pounds, maybe. He said he has jumped off and broken off three 5-pounders. His next cast, he hooks a monster! It jumps at the front of his boat. He bends over to lip it and it comes unbuttoned. He yells a word that sounds like "spit" then says "It's been like that all day!"

Herren found, with a limit

10:30 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

Well, it took about three hours, but we finally located Matt Herren.


As our boat came off pad, he set the hook. He belly landed a 4-pounder. He put her in the livewell and culled a smaller fish. His next cast yielded another bass that evidently didn't help his total.


That 2-pounder went back in the drink. We will try to get close enough to ask what he has, but he is waving everyone away who gets within 200 yards.

Not fishing today, but Bobby Lane has an impressive streak

10:27 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012
| By Ken Duke

I mentioned the record that KVD set yesterday (17 straight Top 50 finishes). There's another angler out there stalking a record, though he has quite a ways to go. Yesterday Bobby Lane caught a five-bass limit for the 34th consecutive competition day. He didn't qualify for the Top 50 cut, so he won't have a chance to add to his tally today, but Lane is one of the best at putting five keepers in the boat every single day.


In fact, Lane kicked off his Elite Series career with 47 consecutive limits. That's second best all-time behind — you guessed it — Kevin VanDam, who posted a string of 57 straight limits between March 2008 and June 2009.


There have only been eight streaks of 40 or more, and two belong to KVD. If Lane can keep his streak alive for another six days, he'll join VanDam as the only two anglers to have two such lengthy runs.

Wellman has 13 pounds

10:04 am CDT, Jun 9, 2012

We have stumbled upon Nate Wellman, just north of San Miguel. He's dragging a worm across a channel bend. He said he was catching a fish on every cast the first two hours, but they have shut down now. He guesses his weight to be around 13 pounds.

Nate Wellman